list of famous cartoon cats

Like everyone, I have grown up watching cat cartoons. There are some cat cartoon characters that, to this day, hold a deep place in my heart. And it is not just me, people all around the globe adore these beautiful creations and made them iconic.

In this post, I’ve noted down the 30 Most Famous Cartoon Cats that have acquired a legendary status and are known and adored by every cartoon lover, including me.

Hope you agree with my list. So without further ado, let’s get started.

30. Arlene

  • From: The Garfield Show
  • Year: 2008

Arelene is one of the major cat cartoon characters on The Garfield Show. She was first introduced in 1980 in the Garfield Comic Strip. 

Arlene has a slender figure with pink fur and a long tail. She is the love interest of Garfield, the protagonist of the show.


Arlene is a sweet girl who is romantic at heart. She is kind and caring. Arlene is also quite smart and also very witty with her words.

She likes those with an exciting life. She is highly confident and treats everyone with assertiveness. Despite Garfield’s lax nature, she is deeply concerned for him.

29. Mr. Jinks

  • From: Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks
  • Year: 1958

Mr.Jinks is a cat cartoon character that was compared to Tom the cat back in the day. Even though the Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks lacked in the animation budget, it compensated with humorous dialogs that are missing in Tom and Jerry. 

This is what made Mr. Jinks a famous cartoon cat because he was not only funny with his action but also with his words.


Mr. Jinks is an orange cat that wears a blue bow tie. He is always chasing behind two mice and mostly ends up losing to them.

He acts tough and merciless but deep down he cares for the mice and harbors a love-hate relationship with the two little fellas. He is not very smart but is absolute with his resolve.

28. Sargent Tibbs

  • From: One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • Year: 1961

Tibbs is a tabby cat and the supporting character in the movie 101 Dalmations that came out in 1961 that became highly successful. The movie was later turned into a series by the same name and Tibbs played a major role in it too.


Sargent Tibbs is a smart and brave cat. He and his friends behave as a military unit and have given each other military titles.

Being a Sargent, he performs all his roles with full commitment and follows every order. He also finds joy in doing good deeds. 

27. Mittens

  • From: Bolt
  • Year: 2008

Mittens is the major character in the Disney cartoon movie, Bolt. She is a very famous cartoon cat, so much so that people who watched the movie assumed Mittens to be the main hero in the story.

Unline other cat cartoon characters on this list, Mittens’ life is quite difficult and an inspiration to the viewers.


Mittens is a short-tempered and sassy street cat. She is abandoned by her masters but she learned the art to survive in the streets because of her strong will and smartness.

The abandonment is the main reason for the darkness in her personality. But despite all the sadness, she is funny, sarcastic, and friendly. 

26. Si and Am

  • From: Lady & the Tramp
  • Year: 1955

Si and Am are two hideous-looking twin Siamese cats that are the minor antagonist of the Disney cartoon movie Lady & the Tramp.

But despite being the minor characters in the first movie, these cartoon cats got so much popularity that they became a recurring occurrence in other Disney shows.


Si & Am are identical-looking sinister cats. These two infamous cartoons cats are as evil as it gets. The two take pleasure in others’ misery. 

Not just others, their behavior towards their owner is also bad who loves them very much and take care of their every need.

25. Courageous Cat

  • From: Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse
  • Year: 1960

Courageous Cat is the main character of one of the most famous superhero cats cartoons of all time. Courageous Cat is an anthropomorphic cat that fights crime in the Empire city along with his sidekick, Minute.

He is loaded with futuristic gadgets that assist him in maintaining peace in the city.


Courageous is a brave and smart cat that fights against evil. He does not shy away from any danger and faces it head-on. He is humorous and the embodiment of good. 

24. Heathcliff

  • From: Heathcliff and Dingbat
  • Year: 1980

Heathcliff is one of the most famous cartoon cats from the 80s. He is the main cat cartoon character of the show. He is a slightly overweight orange cat with tiger-like stripes on its back. 

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Heathcliff is a very self-centered and egoistic cat that likes to act superior to other cats in the neighborhood. He is also quite smarter than the cats around him.

He has a bad habit of stealing food. Despite his pompous nature, he is very caring towards those he loves and cherishes.

23. Bonkers D. Bobcat

  • From: Bonkers
  • Year: 1993

Bonkers D Bobcat is a popular cat cartoon character from the 90s. He used to be a megastar in the entertainment biz but his show flopped and he got out of work.

But luckily he gets a chance to join the police force and the series follows his adventures as a cop.


Bobcat is a clumsy and overly cartoony toon. He is not very smart but he always tries his best in every situation. But even if he means well, his action always ends up messing with the situation.

22. Lucifer

  • From: Cinderella 
  • Year: 1950

Lucifer is a cat cartoon character in a famous Disney movie, Cinderella. He is a minor antagonist in the movie and plays his part perfectly.

Lucifer is the pet of Lady Tremaine who treats him like her own child and Lucifer is very loyal to her and always tries to cause trouble for Cinderella.


Lucifer is a fat black cat. He is a mischievous cat that likes to cause trouble and put others in misery. He is very smart and sneaky and is not easy to fool.

Lucifer is also sadistic and enjoys when his enemies are sad and in pain. He is also quite clumsy and that’s his only weakness.

21. Snagglepuss

  • From: The Yogi Bear Show
  • Year: 1961

Snagglepuss is a pink-colored cougar who made his first appearance in several shorts of The Quick Draw McGraw Show.

Later in 1961, he got his own segment in the cartoon series, The Yogi Bear Show. Snagglepus lives in a cave are always chased by a hunter.


Snagglepuss is a jolly big cat that enjoys his life to the fullest, no matter the situation. He is very childish and acts stupidly. He has a habit of saying ‘even’ after most of his sentences.

20. Pete

  • From: Mickey Mouse Series
  • Year: 1928

Pete is one of the most famous characters from the Mickey Mouse franchise. He is the arch-enemy of Mikey mouse and the bad guy of the story.

Pete is one of the major characters of the series and has appeared in many Disney movies and shows.


Pete is a bully and acts like a thug most of the time. He is always causing trouble for the protagonists. He is unapologetic and he likes doing bad things to others.

This line said by Pete defines his personality completely- “I was born to cheat and lie! I’m a mean, rotten guy!”.

19. Salem Saberhagen

  • From: Sabrina: The Animated Series
  • Year: 1999

Salem Saberhagen was a very powerful witch who was cursed to become a cat by the other witches as a punishment for attempting to take over the world.

Salem is a witch trapped in a body of a black cat and is the pet of Sabrina, the protagonist of the story. 


Salem was a notorious witch who was always trying to take over the world and his wicked ways didn’t change even after turning into a cat.

He really cares for Sabrina but often leads her into trouble by talking her into it.

18. Oliver

  • From: Oliver & Company
  • Year: 1988

Oliver is a cute orange kitten and the protagonist of the Disney movie Oliver & Company. He has also made regular appearances in the Disney series, House of Mouse. 


Oliver is a smart and brave kitten. He is resourceful and friendly. He is kind and helpful and deeply cares for those he likes. 

But despite his sweet personality, he also gets angry if someone betrays his trust.

17. Thomas O’Malley

  • From: The Aristocats
  • Year: 1970

Thomas is the male protagonist of the very popular Disney movie ‘The Aristocats’. He is one of the most flamboyant cat cartoon characters ever.

Apart from the movie, he has also appeared in the series, House of Mouse quite frequently.


Thomas is a free-spirited street cat who loves his life of freedom. He is jolly and kind-hearted. He is a romantic at heart and doesn’t shy away from showing his feelings.

Thomas is also very protective of those he loves and deeply cares for.

16. Sher Khan

  • From: The Jungle Book
  • Year: 1967

Every kid who has watched cartoons knows who Sher Khan is. He is the main antagonist of the movie ‘The Jungle Book’.

Sher Khan despite having a fairly less role in the movie left a deep impact on the mind of the viewers and is regarded as one of the most famous cartoon cats ever.

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Sher Khan is a ferocious tiger who is very prideful and exerts his powers in very sadistic ways. He hates humans and anyone who tries to overreach his authority.

Sher Khan is the embodiment of power and fear and he likes his villainous reputation in the Jungle.

15. The Cat in the Hat

  • From: The Cat in the Hat
  • Year: 1957

The Cat in the Hat is a cartoon adaptation of a very famous comic of the same name. Since the name of the cat is not mentioned in the whole story, he is addressed as The Cat in the Hat as he is wearing a big red hat on his head.


The Cat in the Hat is a cat cartoon character filled with mystery. He has a playful nature and likes to sing. He is excellent at showing his emotions through music and can make anyone dance to his songs.

He likes to keep his life fun and always looking for new ways to enjoy life.

14. Top Cat

  • From: Top Cat
  • Year: 1961

Top Cat aka T.C is the leader of alley cats and a very fascinating cat cartoon character. Top Cat is a yellow cat that wears a purple vest with a hat.

His popularity led to the production of other shows and movies with him as the main character.


Top Cat is smart and super cunning. He crafts devious plans and takes advantage of others’ naivete.

He likes to live a lazy lifestyle and gets into get-rich-quick schemes. Despite his sly nature, he genuinely cares for his gang and always comes to their rescue.

13. Duchess

  • From: The Aristocats 
  • Year: 1970

Duchess is a beautiful white cat with three children. She is the female protagonist of the movie The Aristocats. She is one of the most famous cartoon cats from Disney.

Apart from the movie, she has appeared in another series called House of Mouse in a minor capacity.


Duchess is one of the noblest cats on this list. She is a pet of an aristocrat and acts very politely. She is kind and friendly and doesn’t judge anyone based on their background.

She is an awesome mom who deeply cares and is very protective of her children. She always tries to teach them good things.

12. Scratchy

  • From: The Itchy & Scratchy Show
  • Year: 1988

Scratchy is the parody cat cartoon character of Tom the Cat from Tom and Jerry. Unlike Tom, Scratchy always gets bullied by Itchy (parody of Jerry).

Scratchy is the ultimate target of Ichty and he is brutally hurt or killed in every episode.


Scratchy is a dim-witted cat. He is a kind and gullible cat who is always at the end of misfortune and cruelty even though he is not at all fault. 

11. Mufasa

  • From: The Lion King
  • Year: 1994

Mufasa is a major big cat character of The Lion King. he is the father of the protagonist, Simba. Every Disney movie lover knows about Mufasa.

He is the King of the Pride land and a role model for Simba. Mufasa is the respectful king of the animal kingdom and feared too.


Mufasa being a leader hold a majestic personality. He is kind-hearted, just, and brave. He is also very playful and doesn’t let his power get to his head.

He is affectionate towards every being in his kingdom and tries to teach good virtues to his son. 

10. Felix the Cat

  • From: The Adventures of Felix
  • Year: 1919

Felix is one of the oldest cat cartoon characters. He is also one of the most famous cartoon cats that have won big-time awards and is considered a generational icon.

Felix is a black anthropomorphic cat with a magical bag that he uses to do mischiefs.


Felix is a cool cat filled with a mischievous nature. He is childish and very inquisitive. He has a deep love for puns and enjoys doing them every chance he gets.

He is also kind-hearted and will do anything to help the ones in trouble.

9. Pink Panther

  • From: The Pink Panther
  • Year: 1963

The Pink Panther is a legendary cat cartoon that was created in the early 60s and to this day is highly popular among the audience. 


Pink Panther is a highly curious big cat. He is a trickster and enjoys making others a victim of his tricks. He enjoys doing new stuff and loves eating.

Pink Panther is very sneaky and doesn’t like to use force to get things done, rather he uses cheeky tricks to make things happen.

8. Bagheera

  • From: Jungle Book
  • Year: 1967

Bagheera is a hit cat cartoon character from a super hit franchise ‘The jungle Book’.

Though the main story focused on a human kid, the supporting characters such as Bagheera became so popular that they got their own side story called the Jungle Cubs. He also has a minor role in House of Mouse.

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Bagheera is noble and wise. He is compassionate and selfless. Despite being an enemy of humans, he saved a human kid and cares for him deeply.

He is calm and compost at all times and doesn’t like too much excitement. He enjoys his laid-back lifestyle.

7. Cheshire Cat

  • From: Alice In Wonderland
  • Year: 1951

Chesire cat is the major character of the popular Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland. He has purple and pink stripes on his body and has a permanent grin on his face.

He is a very fascinating character and very entertaining to watch.


Cheshire Cat has quite a unique personality. He is mysterious and very unpredictable. He likes to confuse people with his actions and then enjoy when they are perplexed.

He is kind but also mischievous and likes to have fun whenever he gets the chance.

6. Figaro 

  • From: Pinocchio
  • Year: 1940

Figaro is a cute Tuxedo cat from the movie Pinocchio. His small role was enjoyed so much by the people that he was brought on to many other Disney shows and movies.

He was also shown as the cat of Minnie Mouse in several cartoon shorts.


Figaro is the complete opposite of his looks. On the outside, he looks cute and sweet but in reality, he is very short-tempered and moody.

He doesn’t like dogs, bathing, waiting, and being fooled. Figaro likes to act tough and cool. But deep down, he is kind-hearted and caring.

5. Tigger

  • From: Winnie the Pooh 
  • Year: 1968

Tigger is a part of one of Disney’s most popular and successful franchises. He started out as the side character in the story but his character became so much loved that he later got his own movies and cartoon series.


Tigger is an eccentric and goofy stuffed toy. He is highly enthusiastic and is always jumping around in excitement. He is childish and full of ego which also leads him into trouble many times.

But he is not bad, rather he is kind and deeply cares for his friends and will do anything to help them.

4. Simba

  • From: The Lion King
  • Year: 1994s

Simba is one of the biggest cash earing cat characters of Disney. Simba is a very well-known Dinsey character and probably the most famous big cat.

The Lion King follows the life of Simba from being a young lion cub to becoming a fine adult lion.


Simba ever since he was a child idolized his father and wanted to be just like him. As a cub, he was full of dreams and wanted to be fearless, brave, and strong. He sometimes acted cocky and got into trouble by acting callously.

As he grew up he became more mature but did not stray away from his childhood dreams and goals.

3. Sylvester

  • From: Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
  • Year: 1995

Sylvester is a three-time Academy Awards-winning cat cartoon character. He was first introduced in 1945 and since then he has been a part of many cartoon series such as Looney Tunes.

Sylvester is the pet cat of Granny and he shares the house with many more pets with whom he is always at odds.


Sylvester is a sinister cat. He is smart but clumsy. He always acts superior to others. He is a lousy hunter but is still obsessed with catching Tweety (a pet bird of Granny). 

2. Garfield

  • From: Garfield
  • Year: 1978

Garfield is one of the most famous cartoon cats that is still holding on to its legacy after over 40 years since it was first introduced to the audience.

Garfield is a fat tabby cat who is lazy and likes to eat. His personality is ecstatic and definitely deserves to be on the second spot on this list.


Garfield is very lethargic and filled with sarcasm. He acts superior and likes to mock others for their naiveté. He is foodie and often steals food.

Though he is egoistic, he deeply cares for those he likes and comes to their aid whenever necessary. 

1. Tom Cat

  • From: Tom and Jerry
  • Year: 1945
cat cartoon character

Tom is without a doubt the most famous cartoon cat across the globe. The amount of fandom that Tom and Jerry got is compared to none and this cat cartoon character truly deserves to be on the top.


Tom is a notorious blue cat that has a love-hate relationship with Jerry, a mouse that lives with him. He is usually chill and likes to spend time lazying around. He is quite smart for a cat but is clumsy.

Tom is also short-tempered and very prideful which more than often leads him to trouble.