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Meet the Fockers brings back the very successful Himalayan cat Jinx on the big screen for its viewers. It is a sequel to the famous comedy movie Meet the Parents. Though the screen time of Jinx is lesser in this sequel, there are some amazing moments that every cat lover will enjoy.

Movie Synopsis

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Two years after Greg and Pam are engaged, Pam’s parents, Jack and Dina decide to meet Greg’s parents, Bernie and Roz. But the problem is that the ideals of the parents don’t meet at all.

Where Pam’s parents are conservative, Greg’s parents are a lot liberal in their thinking. There’s not just conflict between the parents but also between their pets, Bernie and Roz have a pet dog, Moses who is always at odds with Jinx. 

Will the two families be able to settle their differences and come together or the relationship between Greg and Pam end up in jeopardy again?

Jinx role in Meet the Fockers

meet the fockers cat

Jinx is the dear pet of Jack who has him highly trained. In the prequel of the movie, Jack has taught him to wave, follow commands and use the toilet. In this part, however, Jinx is shown that he has now also learned how to flush.

In this movie, Jinx’s life goes through some drastic changes as he accompanies his owners to Greg’s house and there he is confronted with Moses, the pet dog of Greg’s family. Throughout the movie, Jinx and Moses are trying to get one up on each other which creates some of the most hilarious situations in the movie.

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Though it is to be noted that role of Jinx is quite less in this part than the previous.

Fun Facts about Jinx

  • Jinx’s character is played by two Himalayan cats, Bailey and Misha. It was done in case if one of the cats doesn’t follow the instructions properly.
  • Jinx’s scenes of using the toilet inspired a couple to create a super successful product, Litter Kwitter – a tool to teach a cat how to use a toilet.
  • Robert De Niro (Jack) loved Bailey and Misha and always carried cat treats with him to keep them close.
  • Robert De Niro, being a dedicated actor wanted to train the cats himself but decided otherwise because it required a lot of time.
  • Trainers of the Himalayan cats, Bailey and Misha earlier requested the director to choose some other breed from the role of jinx because Himalayan cats are a difficult breed to train. 
  • To create perfect comic scenes of Moses and Jinx, the trainers employed many tricks to control them. For example, in one scene, Moses and Jinx are seen eating a cake together, however, in reality, the trainers put bits of cat and dog food next to the cake and the two animals were eating that without any tension.

Jinx: A Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat from Meet the fockers

One of the main reasons that Meet the Fockers actually came to being is because of Jinx the cat. Jinx played a major role in the success of part one.

The filmmakers did a good job in keeping the character of Jinks witty and real in part two as well 

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However, it is important to know how close is Jinx’s nature to the general characteristics that frequently represent this breed.

  • Jinx is very close to his owner, which is very true with Himalayan cats as they are very affectionate towards their owner.
  • The Himalayans also don’t open up to strangers and that is the case with Jinx and Greg’s family.
  • The Himalayan cats are not good with other pets, just like Jinx and Moses who are always at odds with each other.
  • Jinx is shown to be intelligent, but Himalayan cats are not considered a smart cat breed.

Movie Scene: Jinx vs Moses

Catflix Review

In our segment of Catflix on, we emphasize the role of the cat character while reviewing any movie or show. Meet the Fockers is a 2004, comedy movie.

It features a Himalayan cat named Jinx in a minor capacity but that doesn’t reduce the importance of its role in any way. And what makes this movie and Jinx even more special is the attachment of viewers from part one i.e. Meet the Parents.

Even though this time around there is less appearance of Jinx, it is always joyful to watch this beautiful Himalayan cat on screen. Jinx is as much important to this movie franchise as are the characters of Greg and Jake.