9 Amazing Tips For Socializing A Shy Cat

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Have you encountered this situation? You’re pleased to have a new kitty, and you can’t wait to give her the warm lap and loving permanent home she deserves. But she runs away as soon as you open the carrier. She leaves no trace behind for days, save perhaps for some food missing from the dish or some poop in the litter box. Or perhaps you start digging under furniture and discover a pair of terrified golden-green eyes staring at you from the furthest, darkest nook under your sofa. My friend, you recently adopted a timid cat. You can, however, assist your new companion in overcoming her cat phobia and coming out of her shell. Just be patient and give it some time. Here are some tips to help you and your shy cat along the way.

1. Recognize that it’s neither your fault nor hers

You brought this cat into your life with very good intentions, and there’s a 99 percent chance that nothing you did caused her to react like this. Your shy cat may have been traumatized or she may never have had a chance to be properly socialized.

2. To deal with a timid cat, exercise patience and sympathy

It can be frustrating to try to help your shy cat to no avail. You may even start thinking about bringing her back to the shelter, but please don’t give up. You’ve probably been in situations where you were terrified or traumatized: Recall those times and think about what would have helped you to cope. Your compassion may also provide insight into what might your shy cat.

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3. Start with a little area

Hopefully when you brought your cat home, you placed her in a small room — either a guest bedroom, a bathroom or something similar — along with bedding, food, water, litter boxes and toys. A shy cat will cope better if she can familiarize herself with a small space first. Popular Read:  Why Does My Cat Scratch The Sides Of The Litter Box? – Simple Explanation

4. Remain silent

A football game, a party or that new murder-and-mayhem video game at full blast are fun noises for you. For cats, not so much. Not only do cats have very sensitive hearing, but loud noises terrify a shy cat.

5. Speak softly to your timid cat

Keep the pitch and volume of your voice low, tell the cat what you’re going to do, and use her name often. Imagine you’re talking to a baby who needs comforting. Maybe you can even sing her a little lullaby.

6. Food is a great way to influence a shy cat

Even the most shy cat can be won over by tasty food. I was able to coax a traumatized and terrified cat out from under a couch with a can of tuna cat food.

7. Allow a shy cat to come up to you

When your shy cat does poke her head out from her hiding place, don’t rush to touch her. Hold your hand out in a relaxed position, with the palm down, and allow her to determine how close she gets.

8. Make use of a relaxing pheromone

Feline calming pheromones are synthetic analogues of the “happy cat” pheromones that cats leave when they rub their cheeks on you or your furniture. Plug in a couple of pheromone diffusers and allow them to help calm your shy cat.

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9. Remain optimistic

Don’t stop working with your shy cat if she regresses in response to something you did. Instead, finish your interaction with something you and she have previously enjoyed together.Popular Read:  Why Does My Cat Scratch The Sides Of The Litter Box? – Simple Explanation