Is Your Cat Lonely? – Here’s You Find Out

Cats are extremely territorial creatures by nature, and they consider you to be a part of their domain. They readily bond with people due to both the bond that is formed and their survival drive, which makes them appear to be enormous protectors.

Cats certainly need a social life, but they are not pack animals like dogs, it must be noted. They must socialise and get to know other people, as well as various animals.

Since we all struggle to balance our job and personal lives with hectic schedules, there will always be moments when you must leave your cat alone.

There is a good chance if you have just one indoor cat, it will get bored at some point. And a bored cat will unfortunately get lonely.

Dr. Arnold Plotnick, a veterinarian, says that cats can exhibit anxiety symptoms when they are separated from their favourite person and left alone for extended periods of time.

Yes, I am aware that your cat sometimes appears to act indifferently when you leave and enter the house. Although it sometimes seems as though they were unaware that you had left the house and returned, they are aware, I assure you. When you are absent from the office for a while, they do miss you.

Since technology has advanced, there are numerous fun interactive cat toys that help keep a lonely cat from being bored, but you should still try to play with him whenever you can.

Now, as the majority of cat owners are aware, cats are incredibly expressive little beings who can quickly communicate their emotions. There are several warning signals that will enable you to determine if your cat is growing bored and lonely because cats can communicate their feelings to us so effortlessly.

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1. Repeated Meowing

Cats meow for a huge amount of reasons, but if they keep meowing and it sounds quite low pitched, it will almost sound like he or she is in pain. According to WebMD, cats can excessively meow for several reasons, one of them being loneliness. Non-stop meowing is often the form of crying for attention and telling you that they are lonely.

2. Getting Clingy And Needy

Cats, as said above, can be a bit indifferent, but there are times when they love to run around your feet and jump on your lap for some cuddles, which is great for both of you. However, if you notice your cat will not leave your side and is constantly sleeping on you or sitting on your lap, this could be a sign that they are lonely.

3. Constant Grooming

Cats love to look good, they are very clean animals and like to look after themselves by grooming. Because of this they occasionally cough up nasty little hairballs.

If you notice that your cat is over-grooming itself and is coughing up hairballs more than usual, there could be a chance that they are lonely.

If your cat is indeed over-grooming it is a good idea to take it to the vet, to rule out any possible skin infection. If there aren’t any, your vet will probably ask you a few questions to discover the underlying cause, such as loneliness and boredom.

4. Getting Destructive

If your cat starts to destroy things (that they would not normally play with) when you are out, this is a good indicator that they are lonely and bored.

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5. Change In Behavior

The majority of cats are usually really fun to be around. If you notice that your feline is starting to “act a bit strange” towards you and becoming aggressive, then they may feel lonely.

6. Spraying

This is a sure way to tell if your cat is lonely. If you notice that they are squatting and spraying away from their litter tray, this is their way of telling you that they are bored and lonely.

7. Reduce Appetite

Another way to tell if your cat is feeling lonely, is that they won’t come close to their food like usual. If you do find yourself leaving your cat alone and they are not eating, they could be lonely!

Now, if you are unsure, or you feel that your cat could potentially be ill, always take them to the vet, because there could indeed be an underlying health problem that needs to be sorted out.

Like with all animals, and indeed with us humans, all cats are different and have different personalities.  

Only you know your cat the best. If you think that they are lonely because you are out of the house often, and you notice any of the above signs, don’t worry. There are ways to change their behavior and make them happy and stimulated.

As mentioned, there are a few fantastic automated and interactive cat toys that will keep your cat amused while you are out of the house.