Black cats have always been associated with superstition and mystery, and Disney has brought this enchanting aura to life with its range of beloved black cat characters.

These feline personalities have captured the hearts of audiences young and old with their unique personalities, from cunning and mischievous to brave and heroic.

Disney has given black cats a whole new level of appeal, and they continue to be a favorite among fans worldwide.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 15 of the most popular Disney black cat characters and delve into what makes them so captivating. So, grab your popcorn and let’s dive into the world of Disney’s most beloved black cats!

15. Salem Saberhagen 

From: Archie’s Mad House 

Salem Saberhagen is a beloved character from the show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”. He is a witty and sarcastic black cat who provides comedic relief throughout the series.

Despite his feline form, Salem maintains his intelligence and magical abilities, often helping Sabrina and her friends with their witchcraft endeavors.

He is known for his love of tuna, disdain for dogs, and tendency to scheme and manipulate those around him for his own benefit.

Salem’s personality and memorable one-liners have made him a fan favorite and an iconic representation of cats in popular culture.

14. Molly

From: Lorenzo

Molly is a vengeful and spiteful black cat in the 2004 animated short Lorenzo. She is mocked by Lorenzo, a vain blue cat, for her stubby tail, so she places a curse on his long,

fluffy tail, bringing it to life. Despite Lorenzo’s attempts to get rid of his affectionate and dancing tail, he cannot seem to do so.

Molly reappears and offers him a knife to cut it off, but he hesitates to make such a sacrifice.

After a fight with his tail, Lorenzo finally cuts it off. Molly serves as the main antagonist of the short, showcasing her cunning and manipulative nature.

13. Homer the Cat

From: All Wet

Homer the Cat is a troublesome character and recurring antagonist in the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons. He is a mischievous and poorly-behaved kitten who is constantly causing trouble for Oswald.

Homer often takes advantage of Oswald’s kindness, manipulating him to get what he wants or causing chaos with his pranks.

Despite his mischievous nature, Homer remains a popular character in the series due to his cleverness and wit. His antics provide comic relief and challenge Oswald to think creatively to overcome his challenges.

Overall, Homer the Cat serves as a playful reminder of the importance of patience and perseverance in dealing with difficult personalities.

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12. The Jaguars 

From: The Emperor’s New Groove

The jaguars in The Emperor’s New Groove are fierce predators who roam the jungle, and they play an important role in Kuzco’s adventure.

After Kuzco is transformed into a llama by his former advisor Yzma, he finds himself stranded in the jungle, where he encounters a trio of jaguars.

Initially, the jaguars are hostile towards Kuzco, but after he manages to win them over with his charm, they become his loyal companions and help him navigate the jungle.

The jaguars prove to be invaluable allies as Kuzco tries to find a way to return to his human form and reclaim his throne.

11. Snowball

From: Hercules 

Snowball is a minor character in the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules. He is a singed black and white cat who survived the fire that destroyed the city of Thebes.

Though he has no speaking role in the film, Snowball serves as a symbol of the destruction wrought by Hades and the Titans.

Despite his brief appearance, Snowball has become a beloved character among fans of the film, who appreciate his scrappy spirit and determination to survive even in the face of disaster.

10. Ambrose

From: The Robber Kitten, Mickey’s Polo Team

Ambrose is the mischievous and rebellious kitten from the Silly Symphony, The Robber Kitten. He lives with his mother and has no father, who was tragically killed by a flying boot.

Ambrose despises being told what to do and dreams of becoming a robber, despite his mother’s wishes for him to attend school and have a better future.

His stubbornness and disobedience often land him in trouble, but his wit and resourcefulness help him navigate through tough situations.

Ambrose’s character shows the struggles of growing up and finding one’s identity while also emphasizing the importance of listening to the advice of loved ones.

9. Scat Cat 

From: The Aristocats 

Scat Cat is a groovy black cat with a laid-back personality and a love for music.

He is the leader of a group of alley cats who help the main characters, Duchess and her kittens, returns home after they are kidnapped by their butler.

Scat Cat and his band also perform the song “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” in the movie, which has become a fan-favorite.

In House of Mouse, Scat Cat and his band perform as regular musical guests, often interacting with other Disney characters in humorous ways.

8. Raven

From: Quack Pack

Raven is a black cat with distinct white markings and yellow eyes with green pupils. He is a smart and friendly feline, although he can be cowardly on occasion.

Raven’s black fur is accented by a white mouth, white paws, and a white stripe at the end of his tail. His pink ears add a cute touch to his appearance.

Despite his occasional timidity, Raven is mostly known for his bravery and daring nature.

His character serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and that even the most unassuming creatures can possess remarkable courage and intelligence.

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7. Jiji

From: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Jiji is a black cat with large white eyes, black pupils, and beautiful iris-purple ears. He is a beloved companion to Kiki, a young witch-in-training, in the Studio Ghibli film, Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Jiji plays a crucial role in the film, often serving as a voice of reason and a source of comfort for Kiki during her trials and tribulations.

He even has to pretend to be a stuffed cat at one point, showcasing his adaptability and cleverness. In the end, Jiji finds love with a white cat named Lily, and they have kittens together.

Jiji’s charming personality and adorable appearance make him a memorable and beloved character in the film.

6. Lucifer 

From: Cinderella

Lucifer is a character from Disney’s classic animated film, Cinderella.

He is the mean-spirited pet cat of Lady Tremaine, the wicked stepmother who mistreats Cinderella. Lucifer’s sole purpose is to make Cinderella’s life more difficult and thwart her dreams of happiness.

Whether she is trying to clean the floors or escape a locked room, Lucifer is always there to cause trouble and foil her plans.

Despite his mischievous nature, Lucifer is still a cute and memorable character in the film. However, his actions serve as a reminder of the cruelty and injustices Cinderella endures at the hands of her stepfamily.

5. Thackery Binx 

From: Hocus Pocus

Thackery Binx is a charming black cat from the popular Disney Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. However, there’s a twist to his story.

He was once a teenage boy in the 1600s who was turned into an immortal cat after attempting to save his sister from the clutches of the infamous Sanderson Sisters.

Despite being a cat, Thackery can talk like a human and aids the protagonists in their quest to banish the sisters back into the legendary book they were summoned from.

Thackery’s unique backstory and human-like characteristics make him a memorable and beloved character in the film.

4. Mittens 

From: Bolt

Mittens is a sassy black street cat from the 2008 Disney animated film, Bolt. She has a tough exterior and a New York accent, but deep down she struggles with abandonment issues and a desire for a loving home.

Mittens find herself unexpectedly on a journey with Bolt, a famous Hollywood dog who believes he possesses real superpowers.

Despite their initial clashes, Mittens and Bolt form a bond as they travel across the country, with Mittens teaching Bolt how to be a regular dog and showing him the value of genuine connections.

Mittens’ witty and feisty personality adds a fun dynamic to the film and makes her a memorable character for audiences of all ages.

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3. Bagheera 

From: The Jungle Book

Bagheera is the loyal and protective black panther who takes on the role of Mowgli’s guardian in the classic 1967 film, The Jungle Book.

As the tritagonist of the story, Bagheera is known for his short-tempered demeanor, particularly when it comes to dealing with the carefree Baloo and the mischievous Mowgli.

However, his stern approach is rooted in his deep concern for their safety and well-being. Interestingly, Bagheera’s name is derived from the Hindi word for “panther” or “leopard,” which adds a cultural layer to his character.

Overall, Bagheera’s unwavering loyalty and fierce protection make him a memorable and beloved character in The Jungle Book.

2. Figaro

From: Pinocchio

Figaro is a lovable black kitten that appears in the classic 1940 Disney film, Pinocchio. As the beloved pet of woodworker Geppetto, Figaro is known for his energetic personality and playful nature.

However, he also has a bit of a rivalry with Geppetto’s goldfish, Cleo, leading to some comical moments in the movie. Interestingly, Figaro also has a history with Minnie Mouse, having been her cat in some earlier Disney shorts.

His cute physical features, including his black fur and big eyes, have made him a beloved character among Disney fans.

Overall, Figaro’s playful and mischievous nature adds an extra layer of charm to the already endearing world of Pinocchio.

1. Berlioz

From: The Aristocats

Berlioz is the youngest sibling of Marie and Toulouse in the classic Disney film, The Aristocats. He is a shy and reserved cat with beautiful blue eyes and black/grey fur, adorned with a thin red bow around his neck.

Despite his timid nature, Berlioz possesses a remarkable talent for music and often plays the piano to entertain his family.

His musical abilities add to his charm and make him a beloved character in the film. Despite his shyness, Berlioz proves to be an important member of the Aristocats family and plays a vital role in their adventures.