When we think of cartoon characters, we often envision larger-than-life personalities, and some of these characters come in larger-than-life sizes as well.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at 23 fat cartoon characters who have become iconic figures in popular culture. From the lovable and clumsy Garfield to the curvaceous and confident Jessica Rabbit, these characters have captured our hearts and imaginations with their unique personalities and physical appearances.

Some of them may be considered stereotypes or even offensive by some, but they all have one thing in common: they’re unforgettable characters who have made us laugh, cry, and feel all sorts of emotions over the years.

23. The Matchmaker 

From: Mulan

The Matchmaker is a memorable character from the animated film Mulan and serves as a pivotal plot device in the story. As her name suggests, the Matchmaker is responsible for arranging marriages in the community and takes her job very seriously.

Despite her importance, however, she is depicted as a rather comical figure, with her over-the-top mannerisms and exaggerated facial expressions.

Her encounter with Mulan is particularly memorable, as her attempts to groom the young woman for her meeting with potential suitors go awry in spectacular fashion.

The Matchmaker is a humorous and memorable character and a perfect example of the film’s blend of comedy and heart.

22. Annabelle

From: Eek! The Cat

Annabelle is a sweet kitten from the animated series Eek! The Cat. She is the beloved pet of Eek, the show’s titular character, and is often in need of rescue from various predicaments.

Despite her small size, Annabelle is a brave and plucky character and is always eager to lend a paw when her friends are in trouble.

Her cute and cuddly appearance belies her inner strength and determination, and her unwavering loyalty to Eek and his friends is truly heartwarming.

Annabelle is a standout character in the series, and her presence adds an extra layer of charm and humor to the show.

21. Fairy Godmother 

From: Cinderella (1950)

The Fairy Godmother from the classic animated film Cinderella is a beloved character who holds a special place in the hearts of many viewers. She is a kind and wise old woman who uses her magic to help Cinderella overcome her struggles and find happiness.

Her gentle nature and soft-spoken voice give her a maternal quality, making her a comforting presence in the story. Her magical abilities and her willingness to help those in need make her a true fairy tale heroine.

The Fairy Godmother is a timeless character who has captivated audiences for generations and continues to inspire hope and kindness to this day.

20. Fairy Mary

From The Disney Fairies Series

Fairy Mary is a spunky and determined fairy from the Disney Fairies series. As the chief tinker fairy, she is responsible for ensuring that all of the fairies’ tools and gadgets are in working order.

She is known for her sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude but also has a heart of gold and deep care for her friends.

Despite her small size, Fairy Mary is a force to be reckoned with and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Her passion for tinkering and her dedication to her work make her an inspiration to those around her.

19. Wendy Elizabeth

From: Eek! The Cat

Wendy Elizabeth is a cheerful and adventurous young girl from the animated series Eek! The Cat. She is the best friend of Eek, the titular character, and often finds herself caught up in his zany misadventures.

Wendy Elizabeth is known for her kind heart and her ability to see the good in everyone, even when they are at their most chaotic.

Despite her small stature, she is fearless and never backs down from a challenge. Her boundless enthusiasm and unwavering optimism make her a beloved character to fans of the show.

18. Mummy Pig 

From: Peppa Pig

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Mummy Pig is a kind and caring character from the beloved animated children’s series, Peppa Pig. As the mother of Peppa and George, she is often seen juggling the responsibilities of parenthood while maintaining her interests and hobbies.

Mummy Pig is a strong and independent figure, always willing to stand up for herself and her family when needed. She is also a skilled chef and enjoys preparing delicious meals for her loved ones.

Her calm and patient demeanor makes her a source of comfort and stability for her children, as well as a role model for parents everywhere.

17. Roz

From: Monster Inc.

Roz is a character from the popular animated film “Monster Inc.” She is an employee at Monsters, Inc., a power company that generates electricity by scaring children.

Roz is a stickler for rules and regulations, often reminding the other employees to submit their paperwork and follow the company policies. She is known for her monotone voice, thick-framed glasses, and constant threats to file paperwork.

Despite her stern demeanor, Roz cares about the well-being of the company and goes to great lengths to ensure that everything runs smoothly. She plays a crucial role in the film’s plot and is a fan favorite among viewers.

16. Mama Odie

From: The Princess and the Frog

Mama Odie is a quirky and charismatic character from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” She is a blind, voodoo-practicing priestess who lives in the Bayou of New Orleans.

Mama Odie is known for her humorous and wise nature, and she plays a crucial role in helping Tiana and Naveen break the curse that turned them into frogs.

Mama Odie uses her mystical abilities to guide the couple on their journey, teaching them valuable life lessons along the way.

With her infectious energy and catchy musical numbers, Mama Odie is a fan favorite and adds a magical touch to this beloved Disney classic.

15. Cow 

From: Chicken And Cow

Cow, from the animated series “Cow and Chicken,” is a charming and kind-hearted character. The cow is a 7-year-old anthropomorphic cow who often acts as the voice of reason between her and her mischievous older brother, Chicken.

She is a loving and caring friend, always willing to help those in need. A cow has a unique talent for playing the accordion and has a wild imagination, often going on fantastical adventures with her imaginary friend, a superhero named Supercow.

Despite her sweet nature, Cow can also be brave when the situation calls for it, making her a well-rounded and beloved character.

14. Snow White 

From: Red Shoes and the seven dwarfs

“Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs” is a 2019 South Korean animated movie that retells the classic fairy tale of Snow White. In this adaptation, Snow White is portrayed as a confident and self-assured young woman who is proud of her body and defies societal standards of beauty.

She befriends the seven dwarfs who help her fight against the wicked Queen who is obsessed with becoming the fairest of them all.

Snow White’s kindness and courage eventually lead her to find true love with the handsome prince. Her character serves as a great role model for young girls to embrace their individuality and inner strength.

13. Mammy Two Shoes  

From: Tom and Jerry

Mammy Two Shoes is a beloved character from the classic cartoon series Tom and Jerry. She is the kind-hearted African American housemaid who owns the house where the iconic cat and mouse duo engage in their endless chase.

Mammy is known for her distinct Southern accent and her affectionate relationship with the animals, especially with Tom. Despite being a minor character, she is an essential part of the show’s charm, and her presence adds a unique touch of warmth to the comical antics.

Mammy Two Shoes is an iconic representation of the classic era of cartoons and remains a beloved character to this day.

12. Queen of Hearts 

From: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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The Queen of Hearts is a character from the classic novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. She is the ruler of Wonderland and is known for her short temper and love for ordering executions, usually by beheading.

Her most famous line is “Off with their heads!” which she uses whenever she is angered or displeased. In various adaptations, including the Disney animated film, she is portrayed as a plump, loud, and boisterous character with a fondness for croquet.

Despite her cruel demeanor, she remains a popular character in the world of fiction and continues to inspire various adaptations and interpretations.

11. Toot Braunstein

From: Drawn Together

Toot Braunstein is a character from the animated television series Drawn Together. She is a 20th-century cartoon sex symbol and is known for her curvaceous figure and seductive voice.

Toot is a black-and-white Betty Boop-style cartoon character who is overweight and past her prime. She is often seen smoking and drinking, and she frequently uses her sexuality to get her way.

Despite her appearance, Toot is quite intelligent and has a razor-sharp wit. She is one of the most popular characters on the show and has become a cult icon among fans of the series.

10. Suga Mama

From: The Proud Family

Suga Mama is a beloved character from the animated sitcom “The Proud Family”. Suga Mama is the matriarch of the Proud family and a force to be reckoned with.

With her sassy attitude, sharp tongue, and hilarious one-liners, Suga Mama steals every scene she’s in. Despite her tough exterior, Suga Mama has a heart of gold and is fiercely protective of her family.

Her dynamic personality and unwavering loyalty have made her a fan favorite and a cultural icon. Suga Mama’s legacy lives on in the hearts of fans who have grown up watching “The Proud Family” and continue to appreciate her wit and wisdom to this day.

9. Aunt Pristine Figg

From: Tom and Jerry

Aunt Pristine Figg is a recurring character in the animated series Tom and Jerry. She is known for her arrogant and snobbish personality. She has a posh accent and always dresses in fancy clothing.

Figg is often seen with her dog, a bulldog named Ferdinand, who helps her in her attempts to capture Tom and Jerry. She is portrayed as cruel and manipulative, willing to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants.

Despite her evil ways, she often fails to catch Tom and Jerry, making her a comical villain. Her character adds a lot of entertainment to the show.

8. Lumpy Space Princess 

From: Adventure time

Lumpy Space Princess is a character from the hit animated television series Adventure Time. She is a pink, floating princess from the Lumpy Space who is often sassy and dramatic.

Her voice is unique, with a nasal quality that adds to her comedic presence. She is known for her catchphrase, “Oh my glob!”, and her obsession with being popular and loved by others.

Despite her self-centered tendencies, Lumpy Space Princess is a loyal friend and often helps her friends in their adventures. Her character has become a fan favorite due to her quirky personality and memorable lines.

7. Sally Struthers

From: South Park

Sally Struthers is a well-known American actress and activist, best known for her role in the hit sitcom “All in the Family.” She is also known for her voice-over work, including her portrayal of Charlene Sinclair on the TV show “Dinosaurs.”

In the animated series “South Park,” Sally Struthers appeared as herself in the episode titled “Starvin’ Marvin in Space,” where she is portrayed as an over-the-top spokesperson for a charity organization called “Feed the Children” that focuses on helping impoverished children.

Her performance in this episode was praised for its satirical commentary on celebrity activism and the use of guilt to solicit donations.

6. Mrs. Poppy Puff 

From: SpongeBob and SquarePants

Mrs. Poppy Puff is a recurring character from the hit animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants”. As the driving instructor of Bikini Bottom’s boating school, Mrs. Puff is responsible for teaching SpongeBob and other sea creatures how to operate boats safely.

Despite her kind and nurturing demeanor, Mrs. Puff is often exasperated by SpongeBob’s reckless driving and his tendency to cause chaos on the road.

Throughout the series, Mrs. Puff’s character evolves, and we see her dealing with the consequences of her own mistakes and past decisions.

Her unique blend of compassion and exasperation has made her a fan-favorite character and an integral part of SpongeBob’s world.

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5. Kendra Krinklesac 

From: The Cleveland Show

Kendra Krinklesac is a recurring character in the animated sitcom, The Cleveland Show. She is the daughter of Lester and Kendra Krinklesac and has a crush on Cleveland Brown Jr., the son of the show’s main character.

Kendra is portrayed as a kind-hearted, yet somewhat naive teenage girl who is always willing to help those in need.

She is also shown to have a passion for music, often performing at local events in Stoolbend. Kendra’s quirky personality and sweet nature make her a beloved character among fans of The Cleveland Show.

4. Princess Fiona 

From: Shrek

Princess Fiona is one of the main characters in the popular movie franchise, Shrek. Initially introduced as a classic fairy-tale princess, Fiona proves herself to be far more complex than her stereotype suggests.

Despite her royal upbringing, she is a skilled fighter and has an independent spirit. She is also portrayed as intelligent and resourceful, frequently taking charge of situations and making strategic decisions.

Fiona’s character arc revolves around her journey towards self-acceptance and finding true love with Shrek, a seemingly unlikely match due to their differences in appearance and personality.

Her character challenges traditional ideas of femininity and is an inspiration to many young girls who are seeking to break free from gender roles.

3. Barbarus Bikini

From: The Powerpuff Girls

Barbarus Bikini is a memorable character from the beloved animated series “The Powerpuff Girls”. This brutish villainess is known for her imposing size and strength, as well as her scantily-clad attire that features a bikini made from the pelts of various animals.

Barbarus Bikini is a fierce and formidable opponent for the Powerpuff Girls, using her incredible strength to wreak havoc on the city of Townsville.

Despite her menacing appearance, Barbarus Bikini’s personality is surprisingly flirty and seductive, often using her feminine wiles to distract her enemies.

She may be a villain, but her unique blend of sex appeal and brute force make her a memorable addition to the colorful cast of characters in “The Powerpuff Girls”.

2. Ursul

From: The Little Mermaid

Ursula is the sea witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” who makes a deal with Ariel to transform her into a human in exchange for her voice.

Ursula is known for her distinctive appearance, with her purple skin, white hair, and octopus tentacles, which set her apart from the other characters in the film.

She is cunning and manipulative, using her magic to achieve her own goals, and is a formidable villain in the story. Ursula’s character is memorable for her larger-than-life personality, her wicked sense of humor, and her iconic song “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”

1. Muriel Bagge 

From: Courage The Cowardly Dog

Muriel Bagge is one of the main characters from the show Courage the Cowardly Dog. She is a sweet and caring elderly woman who lives with her pet dog, Courage, in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas.

Muriel is a simple person who enjoys knitting, cooking, and gardening, but often finds herself in danger due to the strange and supernatural occurrences that happen in their isolated home.

Despite her timid nature, Muriel always stands up to protect Courage and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Her kind and nurturing personality make her a beloved character in the series.