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How do cats show love?

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Pooja M
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It is often said that cats are very selfish creatures and don't love anyone else but themselves. 

But it is so not true. Cats have strong affection and love for their owners. They feel safe and loved near them. 

Cats can't tell you how much they love you but they express their feelings in many ways.

Cats shows their love for their owners in different ways like:

1)They rub against you.

2)They follow you and wants to be around you. Cats enjoy spending quality time with their favorite people.

3) They blink their eyes slowly.

4) They knead their paws like a kitten.

These are some of the most common ways cats from different breeds express their feeling towards their loved ones and these are the some actions of cats that can melt anyone's heart. 


Posted : 06/03/2022 4:40 pm
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As a proud parent of three cats, I always get teary eyed when my little babies show me love when I am not in a good mood.

Posted : 06/03/2022 4:44 pm