How to Teach Your Cat to High Five? – Explained In Detail

You can certainly teach your cat new tricks. Trick training is a fantastic approach to strengthen relationships while also enhancing lives through mental stimulation. Keep your sessions brief when first beginning to train your cat to perform tricks. Simply set aside five to ten minutes each day to practise; this amount of time is plenty. Setting up a daily ritual will help to get your cat excited for training time because cats love routine. You’ll be astounded by how much your cat knows in no time.

The “high five” is one of my favorite introductory cat tricks. Your cat will naturally and effortlessly lift her paw in a swatting motion, which is all that is needed to achieve this impressive-looking feat.

Ready to get started?

  1. Start by getting out your cat’s favorite treats that she doesn’t get very often. Freeze-dried chicken or roast chicken works great, too! Crinkle or shake the bag to get your cat excited for training time.
  2. Hold a treat in front of your cat near shoulder level. When she reaches out, tell her she was “good” and follow up with a reward.
  3. Practice this for a few days, a few minutes at a time. If she struggles with this, raise the treat above her head a little. No two pets are the same, so try different levels to see what entices your cat to lift her paw.
  4. Once your cat understands this transition to holding the treat in your hand with a reward only when her paw touches your hand, even in the slightest, she will soon understand she needs to touch for the treat.
  5. Offer your open hand and, again, when your cat touches it, say “good” and reward. If your cat doesn’t respond, take your hand away and present it again. If she’s still confused, then go back a step for a refresher.
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And just like that, your cat will have mastered high five-ing! I hope these tips spark a love for training your cat and increasing your bond together.

Pro Tips

Consistent training is key. Your cat might not dive quickly into high five the next day. Sometimes we all need a little refresher.

Keep sessions very short; five minutes is a perfect training session. This is hard to do when you are both having fun. However, keeping sessions brief prevents burnout and leaves your kitty wanting more.

Train in the same area daily until your cat understands the behavior.

Pull out the ottoman! Some cats focus better when perched on an elevated platform