Cartoon characters come in all shapes and sizes, but some stand taller than the rest. From gentle giants to towering superheroes, these characters have captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences around the world.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring 25 of the tallest cartoon characters ever created, from classic favorites to modern icons.

Whether they’re battling villains, solving mysteries, or just living their lives to the fullest, these characters are larger than life in every way.

So join us as we take a look at the biggest, boldest, and most unforgettable characters in the world of animation.

25. Pickles 

From: The Oblongs

Pickles Oblong is a character from the animated series, The Oblongs. She is the mother of the Oblong family and the wife of Bob Oblong. Pickles is a blonde and beautiful housewife who is obsessed with cleanliness and appearance.

She is often seen with a glass of wine in hand and spends most of her time trying to fit in with the wealthy and elite members of the community.

Despite her shallow and vain tendencies, Pickles genuinely loves her family and is fiercely protective of them. Her over-the-top personality and antics make her a memorable character in the show.

24. Dr. Facilier 

From: The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier is the main villain of the Disney animated film, The Princess and the Frog. He is a charismatic, cunning, and manipulative voodoo witch doctor who makes deals with people to achieve his goals.

Dr. Facilier uses his powers to manipulate his victims’ desires, tricking them into making deals that will ultimately benefit him.

He is also accompanied by his “friends on the other side,” a group of dark spirits who assist him in his schemes. With his menacing presence, eerie singing, and cunning ways, Dr. Facilier is a memorable and formidable antagonist in the world of Disney.

23. Road Runner

From: Road Runner

Road Runner is a popular character from the animated series, Looney Tunes. He is a fast-running bird that is constantly pursued by his nemesis, Wile E. Coyote.

Road Runner is known for his incredible speed, agility, and cunningness, often outsmarting his enemy with his quick thinking and agility. Despite being a bird, he never actually flies and instead runs at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

Road Runner’s iconic “meep meep” catchphrase and his ability to evade Wile E. Coyote’s traps and schemes have made him a beloved and enduring character in the world of animation.

22. Tall 

From: The Mr. Men Show

Tall is a character from the animated television series “The Mr. Men Show.” As his name suggests, he is a very tall character with a large head and long limbs.

He is often seen wearing a green hat and a yellow shirt. Despite his imposing size, he is a gentle and friendly character who enjoys helping others.

Tall is often called upon to use his height to reach objects that are out of reach for other characters. He also has a tendency to bump his head on low-hanging objects, which often leads to comedic moments in the show.

21. Megamind

From: Megamind

Megamind is a super-intelligent, blue-skinned supervillain from the animated movie Megamind. Despite being born to be a supervillain, Megamind feels unfulfilled as he always loses to his nemesis, the heroic Metro Man.

After accidentally defeating Metro Man, Megamind is forced to face a life without a hero to challenge him. He becomes bored and lonely and eventually decides to create a new superhero to fight against.

However, when his creation turns out to be more of a problem than a solution, Megamind is forced to confront the consequences of his actions and the true nature of heroism.

20. Rogers

From: Scooby-do

Shaggy Rogers is one of the most beloved characters from the classic cartoon series, Scooby-Doo. With his lanky frame, scruffy beard, and laid-back attitude, he is instantly recognizable and endearing to audiences of all ages.

Shaggy’s defining characteristic is his insatiable appetite, which often gets him and his friends into trouble. Alongside his faithful canine companion, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy is always up for a spooky adventure, even if it means facing his fears.

Despite his cowardly tendencies, Shaggy’s loyalty to his friends and willingness to help those in need make him a true hero in the eyes of Scooby-Doo fans.

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19. Mordecai

From: Regular Show

Mordecai is one of the main characters from the animated series, Regular Show. As a blue jay, he works alongside his best friend, a raccoon named Rigby, at a park and spends his days dealing with the absurd and surreal situations that arise.

Mordecai is known for his dry wit, level-headedness, and love of video games. Despite his laid-back attitude, he is a responsible and hardworking character, often the voice of reason in his friendship with Rigby.

Mordecai’s relatable and endearing personality, coupled with his adventures in the strange and wacky world of Regular Show, make him a fan-favorite character.

18. Olive Oyl

From: Popeye

Olive Oyl is a classic cartoon character from the iconic Popeye the Sailor series. As the love interest of Popeye, she is known for her strikingly tall and thin figure, along with her signature hairdo and distinct fashion sense.

Olive is a kind-hearted character, often getting herself into trouble due to her naivete and trusting nature. Despite her delicate appearance, she is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself or those she cares about.

Olive’s spunky personality and endearing quirks have made her a beloved character for generations of Popeye fans.

17. Tick 

From: The Tick

The Tick is a comedic superhero character from the animated series of the same name. With his bright blue suit, antennae, and trademark battle cry of “spooooon!”, he is instantly recognizable and beloved by fans of all ages.

The Tick’s defining characteristic is his unwavering optimism and enthusiasm, even in the face of danger and adversity. Alongside his sidekick, Arthur, The Tick fights crime and defends his city from various supervillains and monsters.

With his unique blend of humor, heart, and superhero action, The Tick has become a cult classic character and a favorite among fans of animated comedy.

16. Godot

From: Ace Attorney Godot

Godot is a mysterious and enigmatic character from the Ace Attorney video game series. As a prosecutor, he is known for his striking appearance, including his trademark black visor and the cup of coffee he always carries with him.

Godot is a complex character, haunted by his past and consumed by a desire for revenge against his rival, Phoenix Wright. Despite his cold and aloof demeanor, he is a deeply loyal and passionate character, willing to do whatever it takes to see justice served.

Godot’s intriguing backstory and intense personality make him a memorable and compelling character in the Ace Attorney franchise.

15. Jack Skellington

From: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is the charismatic protagonist of the classic stop-motion film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. As the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, he is known for his spindly frame, bony fingers, and skeletal grin.

Jack is an ambitious character, yearning for something more than the same old routine of scaring people every Halloween. His curiosity leads him to discover Christmas Town, and he becomes obsessed with the idea of taking over the holiday.

However, his well-intentioned plan goes awry, leading to chaos and a realization of the true meaning of Christmas.

Jack’s journey of self-discovery and transformation has made him an iconic character in pop culture, beloved by fans of all ages.

14. Edd

From: Edd Ed, Edd n Eddy

Edd, also known as Double D, is one of the three main characters from the animated series, Ed, Edd n Eddy. With his signature hat and sweater vest, he is the brainy and organized member of the trio.

Edd is known for his fastidiousness and attention to detail, often building elaborate contraptions and inventions to solve problems.

He is also the most timid and hesitant of the group, often being dragged into the schemes of his more impulsive friends, Ed and Eddy.

Despite his reservations, Edd’s intelligence and resourcefulness are essential to the success of their wild and wacky adventures.

13. Wilt

From: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

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Wilt is a beloved character from the popular animated series Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. As one of the main characters, Wilt is a tall, friendly, and compassionate imaginary friend with a heart of gold.

Despite his imposing size, Wilt is gentle and kind, always looking out for his friends and doing his best to make them happy. With his trademark red basketball jersey and sneakers, Wilt is a lovable and iconic character, embodying the spirit of teamwork, kindness, and sportsmanship.

His positive attitude and unwavering loyalty have won the hearts of fans of all ages, making him a true fan favorite.

12. Goofy

From: Mickey Mouse Show

Goofy, the lovable and iconic character from the Mickey Mouse Show, is known for his distinctive laugh, clumsy antics, and good-natured spirit. As a classic Disney character, Goofy has been entertaining audiences of all ages for nearly a century.

With his oversized ears and infectious smile, he is instantly recognizable and beloved by fans around the world. Despite his occasional bumbling and clumsiness, Goofy is a character with a heart of gold and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help his friends.

His relatable and endearing personality has made him a timeless and iconic character in the world of animation.

11. Jafar

From: Aladdin

Jafar, the sinister and calculating villain from Disney’s Aladdin, is one of the most iconic and memorable characters in animated history. With his hypnotic voice, sinister smirk, and flowing black robes, Jafar exudes an aura of power and malevolence.

His quest for ultimate power and domination drives his every action, making him a formidable adversary for Aladdin and his allies. Despite his villainy, Jafar is also a complex and intriguing character, with a tragic backstory and an almost sympathetic motivation.

His cunning and ruthless nature have made him a fan-favorite villain for generations of viewers, and a true icon of animated villainy.

10. Baymax

From: Big Hero 6

Baymax is an iconic character from the hit animated film Big Hero 6. Designed as a personal healthcare companion, Baymax is a lovable and cuddly robot with a heart of gold.

With his friendly demeanor and gentle touch, Baymax quickly becomes a beloved member of the Big Hero 6 team, offering his support and guidance whenever it is needed.

Despite his initially limited programming, Baymax shows incredible growth and adaptability, quickly becoming a formidable hero in his own right.

With his catchy catchphrase “Ba-la-la-la-la,” Baymax has won the hearts of audiences around the world, becoming one of the most beloved animated characters of the modern era.

9. James p sullivan

From: Monster Inc.

James P. Sullivan, or “Sulley” as he is affectionately known, is the lovable monster protagonist from the hit animated film Monster Inc. With his blue and purple fur, giant horns, and infectious smile, Sulley is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in modern animation.

Despite his imposing size and fearsome appearance, Sulley is a gentle and compassionate monster, always looking out for the well-being of his friends and colleagues.

With his quick wit and boundless energy, Sulley is a natural leader and a true hero, inspiring fans of all ages with his bravery, loyalty, and kindness.

8. Ian 

From: The Simpsons

Ian, also known as the “squeaky-voiced teen,” is a recurring character on the long-running animated sitcom, The Simpsons. As his name suggests, Ian is known for his high-pitched, nasally voice and awkward demeanor, making him a comedic staple of the show.

Despite his minor role, Ian has become a fan favorite over the years, with his relatable and endearing personality making him a sympathetic character in the often-chaotic world of Springfield.

Whether he’s working at the Kwik-E-Mart, attending high school, or trying to impress a crush, Ian always manages to bring a smile to the faces of viewers.

7. Anton Ego

From: Ratatouille

Anton Ego is the infamous restaurant critic and antagonist of the Pixar film Ratatouille. Known for his harsh and uncompromising reviews, Ego is feared by chefs and restaurateurs around the world.

With his severe demeanor and intimidating presence, Ego is an imposing figure, able to make or break a restaurant with a single review. Despite his reputation, however, Ego is a complex and fascinating character, with a love for food and a deep appreciation for the art of cooking.

His journey from jaded critic to enthusiastic supporter of Remy’s culinary talents is a testament to the power of good food and the transformative nature of art.

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6. Beast

From: Beauty and the Beast

Beast, also known as Prince Adam, is the tragic but ultimately redeemed protagonist of the classic fairy tale and subsequent Disney animated film, Beauty and the Beast.

Cursed by an enchantress for his selfishness and lack of compassion, Beast is transformed into a fearsome monster, with only the possibility of redemption through love.

Despite his intimidating appearance, Beast is a complex and deeply sympathetic character, with a tortured past and a longing for acceptance and love.

His transformation from a cruel and selfish prince into a selfless and loving hero is a testament to the power of redemption and the importance of inner beauty.

5. Gru 

From: Despicable Me

Gru is the iconic anti-hero of the Despicable Me franchise, a former villain turned family man. As a mastermind with a heart of gold, Gru is known for his unique blend of eccentricity, humor, and heart.

With his signature bald head and long nose, Gru is instantly recognizable as one of the most beloved animated characters of recent years.

He is a complex character, with a deep desire for love and acceptance, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones. His journey from a villain to a hero has made him a relatable and inspiring character for audiences of all ages.

4. Starfire

From: DC Animated Movie Universe

Starfire, also known as Koriand’r, is a powerful and compassionate character from the DC Animated Movie Universe. As a Tamaranean princess, she possesses incredible superhuman abilities, including super strength, flight, and energy projection.

Her kind and loving nature, coupled with her fierce warrior spirit, make her an invaluable member of the Teen Titans team. Starfire is known for her unwavering loyalty to her friends and her desire to do what is right, even in the face of great danger.

Her journey of self-discovery and her struggles with her own identity have made her a relatable and inspiring character for audiences of all ages.

3. Johnny Bravo

From: Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is the charismatic but dim-witted main character of the eponymous animated series. With his chiseled physique, suave demeanor, and signature catchphrase “Whoa, Mama!”, Johnny is a parody of the classic Hollywood hunk.

He spends his days hitting on women, flexing his muscles, and trying to impress anyone who will pay attention to him. Despite his over-the-top antics, Johnny is a lovable character, with a heart of gold and a good-natured spirit.

His exaggerated personality and endless confidence make him a hilarious and memorable character, beloved by fans for his absurdity and humor.

2. Ralph

From: Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph is the lovable but misunderstood protagonist of the Disney animated film, Wreck-It Ralph. As the villain of the arcade game, Fix-It Felix Jr., Ralph is tired of being the bad guy and longs for acceptance and recognition.

His quest for validation leads him on a wild adventure through various arcade games, where he meets a colorful cast of characters and discovers the true meaning of friendship and heroism.

Ralph is a flawed but relatable character, with a heart of gold and a desire to do the right thing. His journey of self-discovery and redemption has made him a beloved character among fans of all ages.

1. Superman

From: Superman: The Animated Series

Superman, also known as Clark Kent, is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time and the main character of Superman: The Animated Series.

As the last survivor of the planet Krypton, he possesses incredible superhuman abilities, including flight, super strength, and heat vision. Despite his incredible powers, Superman is known for his unwavering sense of justice and his desire to protect the innocent.

He is a true hero, always willing to put himself in harm’s way to save others. Superman’s strong moral compass and relatable humanity make him a beloved and enduring character, inspiring generations of fans to be their own heroes.