Disney has brought us some of the most memorable and beloved mothers in the world of animation. These mothers come in all shapes and sizes, from human to animal to fairy, but they all share a common bond: their unconditional love for their children.

From classic Disney movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to modern-day favorites like Moana, we’ve seen mothers who are brave, selfless, and fiercely protective of their children.

These Disney moms have taught us valuable lessons on family, sacrifice, and perseverance, and have become role models for children and adults alike. Join us as we explore 33 of the most iconic and beloved Disney moms in this blog post.

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33. Penny’s Mother

From: Bolt

Penny’s mother is a minor character in the Disney film “Bolt”. She is a television actress who plays the owner of the film’s titular character, Bolt.

While her daughter Penny is out trying to rescue Bolt, she is unaware of the danger that her daughter is in and is only concerned about her career.

Despite her career-oriented mindset, Penny’s mother does love her daughter and becomes emotional when she learns that Penny has been kidnapped.

Her character serves to show the contrast between the superficiality of the entertainment industry and the importance of real relationships and family connections.

32. Mother Rabbit

From: Robin Hood

Mother Rabbit is a wise and kind-hearted character in the classic Disney film, Robin Hood. She is the matriarch of a family of rabbits who reside in Sherwood Forest and are dear friends of the titular hero.

Mother Rabbit is often seen dispensing advice and guidance to her children and other animals in the forest, and she also plays a crucial role in helping Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men foil the evil Prince John’s plans.

With her gentle demeanor and unwavering loyalty to her loved ones, Mother Rabbit is a beloved character that adds heart and warmth to the story.

31. Sarah Hawkins

From: Treasure Planet

Sarah Hawkins is a pivotal character in the Disney animated movie Treasure Planet. She is the mother of the protagonist Jim Hawkins and runs an inn in the small town they live in.

Sarah is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and her son. Despite her tough exterior, she deeply cares for Jim and wants the best for him, even if it means letting him pursue his dreams of adventure.

Sarah’s wisdom and guidance play a crucial role in Jim’s journey, and she ultimately supports him in his quest to find the legendary treasure planet.

30. Mary Darling

From: Peter Pan

Mary Darling is the devoted mother of Wendy, John, and Michael in the classic Disney movie, Peter Pan. She is a loving and caring mother who is concerned about her children’s well-being but also has a sense of adventure and childlike wonder.

Mary is a kind and compassionate person who encourages her children to use their imaginations and dream big. She is also patient and understanding, allowing her children to tell her about their imaginary friend, Peter Pan.

Mary’s maternal love and nurturing nature are the heart of the film and her character is a beloved Disney mom that has captured the hearts of audiences for generations.

29. Alcmene

From: Hercules

Alcmene is a prominent character in the Disney movie “Hercules”. She is the mother of Hercules and the wife of Amphitryon. Alcmene is portrayed as a strong, nurturing, and protective mother who is willing to do anything to protect her son.

She is also shown to be wise and loving, providing guidance and support to Hercules as he grows up. Despite facing many challenges and obstacles, Alcmene remains an optimistic force in her son’s life.

Her unwavering love and support are instrumental in helping Hercules fulfill his destiny and become the hero he is meant to be.

28. Lady Trmaine 

From: Cinderella

Lady Tremaine is the main antagonist in the Disney classic “Cinderella”. She is a wicked stepmother who treats her stepdaughter, Cinderella, cruelly and manipulates her daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, to achieve her selfish goals.

Lady Tremaine is cold, calculating, and cunning, with a desire to maintain her high social status at all costs. She goes to great lengths to prevent Cinderella from attending the royal ball, even going so far as to destroy her dress.

Lady Tremaine is a formidable foe, but ultimately, her wickedness is no match for Cinderella’s kindness and resilience.

27. Audrey the Chicken 

From: Home on the Range

Audrey the Chicken is a feisty and independent character in Disney’s Home on the Range. She is one of the three cows’ only allies in their mission to save their farm from being sold off.

Audrey is known for her sharp wit and tough demeanor, often finding herself in the middle of the action. Despite being a chicken, she is unafraid to take on larger opponents and use her quick thinking to outsmart them.

Audrey’s loyalty and bravery make her a valuable member of the team and an inspiration to those who may underestimate her abilities.

26. Esmeralda 

From: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda is a brave and compassionate character from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She is a beautiful Romani woman who is known for her dancing skills and her love for justice.

Esmeralda is a fighter, using her quick wit and physical prowess to stand up to the injustice and prejudice of her time.

She is also a kind-hearted woman who cares deeply for those around her, including the hunchback Quasimodo. Despite being persecuted and discriminated against by society, Esmeralda never loses her sense of hope and her belief in the goodness of people.

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25. Lucille Krunklehorn

From: Meet the Robinsons

Lucille Krunklehorn is a brilliant scientist and inventor in the movie “Meet the Robinsons.” She is the director of the Tomorrowland Institute, where she works on creating innovative technologies that benefit society.

Lucille is a kind, intelligent, and supportive mentor to Lewis, the main character, and helps him to achieve his dream of finding his birth mother.

She is also shown to be a loving mother to her son, Bud, and a dedicated wife to her husband, Fritz. Lucille is a role model for young girls and encourages them to pursue their passions and interests in science and technology.

24. Momma Ida

From: The Good Dinosaur

Momma Ida is a tough and loving Apatosaurus, who is Arlo’s mother in The Good Dinosaur. She is a wise and patient parent who encourages Arlo to overcome his fears and find his place in the world.

Momma Ida is fiercely protective of her family and has a strong maternal instinct. Her gentle and kind demeanor is balanced by her physical strength, which she uses to defend her loved ones from danger.

She is also a skilled gardener, using her long neck to reach high branches and her powerful tail to clear away debris. Momma Ida is a memorable character who exemplifies the importance of family, love, and perseverance.

23. Gramma Tala 

From: Moana

Gramma Tala is a wise and spirited woman who plays an essential role in Moana’s journey. As the matriarch of her village, Tala is the keeper of the traditions and stories that connect the people to their ancestors and the ocean.

She encourages Moana to follow her heart and discover her true calling, even when others try to hold her back. Tala also reveals to Moana the secret history of her people and their connection to the demigod Maui.

Despite her age, Tala is full of energy and humor, and her presence brings warmth and guidance to the entire village.

22. Fa Li

From: Mulan

Fa Li is the mother of Mulan in the Disney movie “Mulan.” She is a strong and supportive character who deeply cares for her family. Fa Li is portrayed as a traditional Chinese woman who holds onto the values of her culture, including respect for one’s elders and ancestors.

She takes great pride in her daughter’s accomplishments, even when society is not always supportive of women. Fa Li is also a wise and experienced mother who advises Mulan on important decisions.

Her love and guidance help Mulan find the strength to overcome challenges and become a warrior.

21. Abuelita

From: Coco

Abuelita is one of the most beloved characters in the movie Coco. She is the matriarch of the Rivera family, who strongly upholds the family’s traditions and values. Abuelita is tough, no-nonsense, and unapologetically passionate.

She keeps a watchful eye over Miguel, the protagonist of the film, and she loves him deeply. Although she is initially hesitant to support Miguel’s dreams of becoming a musician, she eventually comes to understand the importance of music in their family’s history and supports him.

Abuelita is the heart and soul of the Rivera family, and her love and dedication to her family are admirable.

20. Queen Arianna 

From: Tangled

Queen Arianna is a kind and loving mother to Rapunzel in the Disney movie Tangled. She is married to King Frederic and rules over the kingdom of Corona.

Arianna has a gentle and compassionate nature and is a great support system for her daughter. She encourages Rapunzel’s curiosity and adventurous spirit while still worrying about her safety.

Arianna also demonstrates strength and bravery when Rapunzel is kidnapped by Mother Gothel, risking her own life to protect her daughter.

She is a positive influence on those around her, including Flynn Rider, who learns the importance of sacrifice and selflessness from her.

19. Bonnie Hopps

From: Zootopia

Bonnie Hopps is a character from the movie “Zootopia.” She is a supportive and loving mother to her 275 children, including Judy Hopps, the first rabbit police officer in Zootopia.

Bonnie and her husband Stu run a carrot farm outside of Bunnyburrow. Despite having a large family to take care of, Bonnie is always ready to offer a helping hand to those in need.

She teaches her children the value of hard work and perseverance, encouraging them to follow their dreams. Bonnie is a cheerful character, bringing warmth and love to those around her in the bustling world of Zootopia.

18. Raksha

From: The Jungle Book

Raksha is the mother wolf in The Jungle Book, who adopts and raises the human boy Mowgli as one of her cubs. She is a fiercely protective and loving mother who always puts the safety of her pack first.

Raksha is also known for her strength and intelligence, and she is a respected leader in the wolf community. She teaches Mowgli important survival skills and instills in him the values of loyalty, family, and bravery.

Raksha is a beloved character in The Jungle Book, and her fierce motherly love and wisdom make her an inspiration to many.

17. Mrs. Jumbo

From: Dumbo

Mrs. Jumbo is the loving and protective mother of the titular character in Disney’s classic animated film, Dumbo. She is known for her unwavering devotion to her son, whom she affectionately calls “Jumbo Jr.”

Despite being mistreated and ostracized by others due to her son’s unusually large ears, Mrs. Jumbo never loses faith in him and does everything in her power to protect him.

She is a kind and gentle soul, and her fierce maternal instincts make her a beloved and memorable character in the Disney canon. Her love for her son is a powerful reminder of the strength and importance of family bonds.

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16. Sarabi

From The Lion King

Sarabi is a regal and compassionate lioness in The Lion King. She is the queen of the Pride Lands and the mate of King Mufasa. Sarabi is a wise and brave leader, who always puts the needs of her family and subjects before her own.

She is fiercely protective of her son Simba and teaches him valuable life lessons about responsibility and leadership.

Despite facing adversity and tragedy, Sarabi remains resolute and resilient, leading her pride through difficult times. Her unwavering strength and grace make her a beloved character in the film and an inspiration to many.

15. Eudora 

From: The Princess & The Frog

Eudora is the mother of Tiana and the wife of James in the movie “The Princess and the Frog.” She is a loving and supportive mother who encourages her daughter to follow her dreams, even when they seem impossible.

Eudora is a skilled seamstress and runs her own dressmaking business in New Orleans. She is also a firm believer in hard work and dedication, which she instills in Tiana.

Eudora is an important figure in the movie, providing emotional support to Tiana as she navigates the challenges of being a young black woman in the 1920s, and helping her daughter achieve her goals.

14. Jill Anderson

 From: Inside Out

Jill Anderson is the mother of Riley Anderson, the protagonist of the movie Inside Out. She is a caring and supportive parent who wants the best for her daughter.

Jill is shown to be a good listener and tries her best to understand Riley’s struggles during her family’s move to San Francisco. Despite being stressed by her job and the move, she takes the time to comfort Riley and help her adjust to the new environment.

Her unconditional love and support for her daughter serve as an inspiration for parents who want to create a positive environment for their children.

13. Kanga 

From: Winnie The Pooh

Kanga is a kind and loving mother kangaroo from the Hundred Acre Wood in Winnie the Pooh. She is always caring for her son, Roo, and the other animal friends in the forest.

Kanga is known for her gentle nature and her ability to listen to others. She is also very practical and resourceful, often coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Kanga is a great friend to everyone in the forest and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is a symbol of maternal warmth and care, making her a beloved character in the Winnie the Pooh franchise.

12. Potts 

From: Beauty And The Beast

Mrs. Potts is a kind-hearted character from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” She is the motherly figure of the Beast’s enchanted household and serves as the head of the kitchen staff.

Mrs. Potts is a teapot, who is transformed into a human-like character along with the rest of the household by the same enchantress who cursed the prince. She is loyal to the Beast and Belle and always tries to keep the peace between them.

Mrs. Potts is also a great mother to her son Chip and is always there to give advice and support to him. Her sweet and soothing voice makes her an iconic character in Disney’s history.

11. Perdita

From: 101 Dalmatians

Perdita is the loving mother of the 15 Dalmatian puppies in the classic Disney film, 101 Dalmatians. She is known for her intelligence, loyalty, and unwavering love for her family.

Perdita is also a fierce protector of her pups, especially when they are kidnapped by the evil Cruella de Vil. She is determined to reunite her family and will stop at nothing to save her children.

Despite the challenges she faces, Perdita remains calm and level-headed, serving as a source of comfort and strength for her family. Her maternal instincts and devotion make her a beloved character in Disney history.

10. Bambi

From: Bambi’s Mom

As an iconic character in Disney history, Bambi is a young and innocent deer who learns about the harsh realities of life in the forest. His mother is a loving and protective figure who teaches him how to survive in the wild.

Despite her best efforts to keep him safe, tragedy strikes when she is killed by a hunter, leaving Bambi to face the world on his own.

Her death is a pivotal moment in the film and serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing the time we have with those we love.

9. Ming Lee 

From: Turning Red

Ming Lee is the mother of Mei Lee, the protagonist in the movie “Turning Red.” She is a hardworking and dedicated mother who loves her daughter but struggles to connect with her at times.

She runs a successful restaurant in Toronto, where she immigrated from China, and takes pride in her work. Ming is supportive of her daughter’s interests and tries to understand her passion for music, even though she wishes Mei would focus more on her studies.

Ming’s character represents the sacrifices that immigrant parents make for their children’s future and the challenge of balancing traditional values with modern aspiration.

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8. Davis 

From: Toy Story

Davis is Andy’s mother in the Toy Story franchise. She is depicted as a loving, caring, and supportive mother who takes care of her family and their belongings.

Davis is often seen assisting Andy with packing and moving as they frequently relocate, and she is always there to offer words of encouragement to her son.

She also understands the importance of Andy’s toys to him and encourages him to cherish them. Davis is portrayed as a hardworking single mother, and her devotion to her family is a central theme in the Toy Story films.

7. Nani 

From: Lilo And Stitch

Nani is the older sister and caretaker of Lilo in the animated film “Lilo and Stitch.” She is a hard-working young woman who takes on the responsibility of raising her younger sister after their parent’s death.

Despite struggling to keep her job and maintain her household, Nani is fiercely dedicated to Lilo’s well-being and happiness.

She often tries to balance being a fun-loving sister with the task of being a responsible adult, making for an endearing and relatable character. Nani’s strong will and determination make her a standout character in the film, as she never gives up on her family.

6. Helen Parr 

From: The Incredibles

Helen Parr, also known as Elastigirl, is one of the main characters in the movie “The Incredibles.” She is a former superhero who gave up her life of crime fighting to marry her husband, Bob, and raise their three children.

Despite her retirement, Helen is still a strong and capable woman who possesses the power to stretch her body into any shape or form. She uses her powers to help save her family and the world from the evil Syndrome.

Helen is also a loving mother who strives to balance her superhero duties with her responsibilities to her family.

5. Chicha

From: Emperor’s New Groove

Chicha is a strong-willed and loving mother in the Disney animated film, “Emperor’s New Groove.” She is the wife of Pacha and the mother of Chaca and Tipo.

Chicha is a hardworking homemaker who tends to her family’s needs and provides emotional support for her husband and children.

She is often seen cooking meals and doing laundry, but she is also capable of standing up for herself and her family when necessary.

Chicha is a positive and nurturing influence on her family, and her love and devotion are evident in everything she does.

4. Queen Elinor 

From: Brave

Queen Elinor is a strong and wise leader who is deeply committed to her family and her kingdom. As the queen of the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch, Elinor is responsible for maintaining the peace and prosperity of her people.

She is a skilled archer and horse rider and has instilled these skills in her daughter Merida. Elinor’s love for her daughter is evident, even if they do not always see eye to eye.

Her commitment to her family is tested when Merida defies a sacred tradition and sets off a chain of events that threatens the kingdom’s stability. Elinor must navigate these challenges while staying true to her values and protecting her family.

3. Kala 

From: Tarzan

Kala is a kind-hearted and nurturing gorilla who adopts Tarzan as her own after she discovers him alone in the jungle.

She is a strong, protective, and wise mother figure to Tarzan, teaching him the ways of the jungle and instilling in him a love and respect for his animal family.

Kala’s gentle nature and motherly instincts make her a beloved character in the film. She helps Tarzan come to terms with his identity and find his place in the world, despite the challenges he faces as a human living among gorillas. Kala is a true embodiment of maternal love and compassion.

2. Ariel 

From: The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea

Ariel, the beloved mermaid and daughter of King Triton, returns as the main character in The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea. In this sequel, Ariel has a daughter named Melody, who dreams of exploring the ocean.

However, due to a past conflict with Ursula’s sister, Morgana, Ariel and Eric, Melody’s parents, forbid her from going near the water.

Despite their warnings, Melody’s curiosity leads her to Morgana, who tricks her into stealing King Triton’s trident. Ariel then sets out to save her daughter and restore peace to the underwater kingdom. As always, Ariel’s bravery, determination, and love for her family shine through in this heartwarming tale.

1. Duchess

From: The Aristocats

Duchess is a beautiful and sophisticated white feline from the classic Disney film, “The Aristocats.” She is a mother of three kittens named Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz, and she is loved by her owner, Madame Adelaide Bonfamille.

Duchess is elegant, refined, and always composed. She maintains her poise and grace even in the face of adversity, as she and her kittens are abducted by the evil but bumbling butler, Edgar.

Throughout their journey, Duchess shows her maternal instincts and courage as she leads her kittens to safety and back to their home. Her kind nature and motherly love make her a beloved character in the hearts of Disney fans.