Can Cats Eat Carrots? – Here Are The Detailed Information

Raw, roasted, and baked carrots are a common ingredient in many cuisines. They are a highly popular root vegetable. Carrots come in a variety of colors, including purple, white, and yellow, although the majority are orange. Can you give any of the carrots you eat to your cat or kitten when you snack on them or use them in a recipe?

Do cats eat carrots?

Yes! Carrots are perfectly safe for cats to eat. Hyunmin Kim, DVM, veterinary staff manager with the ASPCA Community Medicine unit explains that “Carrots are a great source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, which is an essential vitamin for cats.” Essential vitamin, as the name implies, means that it is an important part of a cat’s diet in order for her to be at optimal health. In addition, carrots are a great source of fiber for cats, and are suggested as a healthy and safe snack for cats. However, as with any other snack, carrots should only be given to cats in moderation.

Are raw carrots safe?

Although carrots themselves can be healthy for cats to eat, Dr. Kim advises that it’s best to avoid giving cats raw carrots. Specifically, raw carrots are a concern for cats because they are hard and rigid, and can be a choking hazard. If, like me, you have  a cat who is curious about food prep, you’ll want to keep your cat out of carrots you might be prepping and wait to share until they are cooked.

Do cats need to boil their carrots?

“Cooked carrots are the safest way to give to cats,” Dr. Kim advises. Just make sure to avoid using seasoning on the carrots you cook for your cat because those could be toxic or upset their digestive system. Dr. Kim also recommends that carrots in baked goods can be a very  safe way to give carrots to your cat as a snack. Again, just check that all other ingredients in any recipe are cat safe. You’ll also want to ensure that all cooked or baked carrots you give to your cat are cut into small enough pieces that your cat is able to chew so as not to create a choking hazard.

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Do cats eat whole carrots?

Because of the risk of choking Dr. Kim recommends avoiding giving whole carrots cooked or uncooked to your cat. Carrots being fed to cats should be cut into small pieces to make eating  easier for your cat, and to reduce the chance that a carrot will cause your cat to choke.

Health issues of giving cats carrots:

If you are thinking about adding carrots to your cat’s diet, do so in small amounts. Like with any snack food, carrots should only be fed to your cat in moderation. Dr. Kim explains that “Carrots contain carbohydrates and almost half of the total carbohydrates are from sugar. The sugar in carrots does not have a big impact on blood sugar, but cats being obligate carnivores do not require carbohydrates.” Because they are obligate carnivores to be healthy cats don’t need many fruits and/or vegetables in their diet, but many cats like carrots, and carrots are safe for cats to consume in small amounts. Cats eating carrots generally have any negative side effects, beyond the aforementioned choking risks with whole or uncooked carrots.