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How do I stop my cat from running away from home?

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Outdoor cats are at a much higher risk of running away than indoor cats, although escaping may be a real risk for the latter. If you are not planning to convert your cat to a house cat (and let’s be honest, that doesn’t suit some cats), here are some simple tips to help keep your cat closer to home.

Ensure your cat is microchipped and your details are up to date. Consider fitting your cat with a GPS tracker; this is a good option for cats that have a history of roaming. How about introducing a curfew? Keeping them indoors after dark can avoid all sorts of mishaps.
If your cat has a favorite treat, try shaking it in a can whilst calling their name to entice them home each night; but make sure they get their reward! And of course, make their home as calm, inviting, and cat-friendly as possible so that it becomes their safe space and the place they love the most.

Posted : 07/09/2022 8:34 am
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