Orange hair may not be the most common hair color in real life, but it is a popular choice for cartoon characters. From superheroes to anime characters, there are many well-known and beloved characters with orange hair.

Whether it’s a fiery red-orange or a softer peachy tone, this hair color often reflects a character’s personality and individuality.

In this blog post, we will be highlighting 25 of the most iconic cartoon characters with orange hair. Some may be familiar faces from your childhood, while others may be new discoveries.

So, let’s dive in and celebrate these vibrant and memorable characters!

25. Manly Dan

From: Gravity 

Manly Dan Corduroy is a recurring character in Gravity Falls, known for his extremely masculine demeanor as a lumberjack. He is a proud father figure who teaches his children how to do activities like fishing in his manly way.

However, he also displays emotional instability and a bad temper, as seen when he punches a post almost down in “Headhunters”.

Despite this, he still maintains some sense of caution. With his imposing physical appearance, thick black eyebrows, bright red beard, and barely concealed chest and arm hair, Manly Dan remains a memorable character in the series.

24. Maggie

From: Maggie And The Ferocious Beast

Maggie is an artist who draws inspiration from the world around her. She has created the imaginary land of Nowhere for her friends Hamilton and the Beast to call home.

Maggie has a deep appreciation for color, finding beauty in everything from the vibrant greens of emerald grass to the speckled patterns of robin’s eggs. Even the bright red polka dots on Ferocious Beast’s skin catch her eye.

Maggie’s physical appearance is characterized by her peach skin and orange hair, while her outfit consists of a blue dress and a yellow shirt. Her colorful personality and creative spirit make her a beloved character.

23. Vicky

From: The Fairly Odd Parents

Vicky is a notorious and corrupt character in the series The Fairly Odd Parents, known for her deceitful and manipulative behavior.

She cheats at everything and lies to her parents, often torturing children including her sister Tootie and Timmy. Vicky is portrayed as extremely greedy, mean, selfish, and short-tempered, with a reckless disregard for the consequences of her actions. She shows no remorse for the harm she causes to others.

Although she is generally considered unemotional, Vicky has displayed occasional positive feelings and has even been nice to Timmy on her own accord. Despite this, her overall negative demeanor makes her a disliked character in the series.

22. Ms. Bellum

From: The Powerpuff Girls

Ms. Sara Bellum is a character in The Powerpuff Girls known for her calm and understanding personality. She serves as a role model and source of advice for the titular heroines, who often seek her guidance in times of crisis.

Although she is generally composed, Ms. Bellum can become flustered and panicked when situations become more intense. She also displays frustration and anger towards the Mayor, particularly when he behaves foolishly.

Despite his incompetence, Ms. Bellum remains loyal to the Mayor and continues to support him in his duties. Her steadfastness and poise make her a valuable character in the series.

21. Josie

From: Josie And The Pussy Cats

Josie and the Pussy Cats is an American animated television series that features an all-girl pop music band. The band travels the world with their entourage and becomes embroiled in various adventures, including spy capers and mysteries.

The group is led by the level-headed lead singer and guitarist, Josie McCoy, who is joined by the intelligent tambourinist Valerie Brown and the air-headed blond drummer Melody Valentine.

The series also features other characters, including the group’s shady manager. Josie and the Pussy Cats is known for its upbeat music, vibrant animation, and engaging storytelling, making it a beloved classic among fans of animated television.

20. Madame Medusa

From:  The Rescuers

Madame Medusa is the main antagonist in Disney’s The Rescuers. She is an obsessive and greedy person who is fixated on diamonds, particularly the Devil’s Eye, the world’s largest diamond.

Medusa runs a seedy pawn shop in New York City and will stop at nothing to obtain the diamond. She values others solely for their usefulness, showing no regard for their well-being once they are no longer useful to her.

She is willing to betray and attack others, including Penny, Snoops, and even her pet alligators Brutus and Nero, to achieve her goals.

Medusa’s single-minded pursuit of wealth and power makes her a formidable and memorable antagonist in the film.

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19. Jazz Fenton

From: Danny Phantom

Jazmine “Jazz” Fenton is a fictional character from the popular Nickelodeon show Danny Phantom. She is the older sister of the titular character Danny Phantom and serves as a recurring character throughout the series.

Jazz is depicted as highly intelligent and academically inclined, often offering advice and support to her brother.

She is also shown to be perceptive, empathetic, and socially conscious, frequently advocating for the fair treatment of those who are marginalized or discriminated against.

Jazz’s strong sense of morality and her ability to see beyond surface appearances make her a fan-favorite character in the show.

18. Ginger

From: As Told By Ginger

As Told by Ginger is an animated teen drama series that follows the life of Ginger Foutley, a middle school student who aspires to move up the social ladder and be more than just a social geek.

Alongside her best friends Dodie, Macie, and Darren, Ginger navigates the ups and downs of adolescence, including issues with friendships, crushes, family dynamics, and self-discovery.

The show deals with more mature themes and topics than many other animated series aimed at children and has been praised for its realistic and nuanced portrayal of adolescent life. As Told by Ginger remains a beloved and influential series to this day.

17. Wilma Flintstone

From: The Flintstones

Wilma Flintstone is a fictional character from the classic animated television series The Flintstones. She is the wife of Fred Flintstone, one of the show’s main characters.

Wilma is known for her distinctive white dress, pearl necklace, and trademark orange hair styled in a bun. She is depicted as a caring and devoted wife to Fred, often serving as a voice of reason to his impulsive behavior.

Wilma is also a skilled homemaker and enjoys cooking, cleaning, and gardening. Her gentle and nurturing nature has made her a beloved character in the world of animation and popular culture.

16. Merida

From: Brave

Merida is a Scottish princess from the kingdom of DunBroch and the protagonist of Disney•Pixar’s 2012 animated feature film, Brave. She challenges her kingdom’s longstanding traditions to live a life of independence.

Merida is bold, brave, daring, courageous, stubborn, rebellious, and headstrong, and does not fit the stereotypical princess role. She openly rebels against the customs, traditions, and social restrictions her society places on her and longs to be a normal girl.

Her actions inadvertently unleash chaos in her kingdom, forcing her to confront the consequences of her actions and learn the importance of responsibility and family.

15. Princess Morbucks

From: The Powerpuff Girls

Princess Morbucks is a major antagonist in The Powerpuff Girls. She is a spoiled, bratty, and manipulative little girl who uses her wealth and power to get what she wants.

Morbucks is often seen throwing temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, and she has a tendency to be bossy and controlling towards those around her.

She also has a strong desire to be a Powerpuff Girl and will do anything to achieve this goal, even if it means going against the actual Powerpuff Girls themselves.

Despite her negative traits, she has occasionally shown moments of vulnerability and insecurity, revealing that her behavior is driven by her desire for acceptance and attention.

14. Francis

From: Sonic X

Frances, also known as Francine, is a minor character in the anime series Sonic X. She is a young human girl and one of Chris Thorndyke’s friends.

Unlike the other kids, she is more of an observer, often watching the events that unfold around her. She is very curious, and her interests are varied. In the show, she is depicted as a bit of a tomboy, preferring outdoor activities like camping and hiking over more traditionally feminine pursuits.

Overall, Frances is a supportive and friendly character who provides a sense of normalcy and balance in the fantastical world of Sonic X.

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13. King Fergus

From: Brave

King Fergus is a larger-than-life character who is fiercely loyal to his family and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

He is known for his bravery in battle, having lost his leg fighting a giant bear named Mor’du, and often regales his children with exaggerated stories of his heroic deeds.

Despite his rough exterior and tendency to act impulsively, he has a soft spot for his daughter Merida and shows great pride in her abilities as an archer.

He also has a close relationship with his wife, Queen Elinor, and values her wisdom and guidance. Overall, King Fergus is a beloved leader who is both respected and admired by his people.

12. Eliza Thornberry

From: The Wild Thornberrys

Elizabeth “Eliza” Thornberry is the main character of the Nickelodeon animated television series, The Wild Thornberrys. She is a 12-year-old girl who has the unique ability to communicate with animals after being given the gift by an African shaman.

Eliza uses her gift to go on amazing adventures with her eccentric family, which includes her nature-show-host father, her documentary-filmmaker mother, her older sister Debbie, her feral younger brother Donnie, and their pet chimpanzee Darwin.

Eliza is kind-hearted, brave, adventurous, and always ready to help those in need, whether they are human or animal.

11. Daphne Blake

From: Scooby Doo

Daphne Blake is a member of Mystery Inc. and known for her fashion sense. She is often portrayed as the damsel in distress and has a tendency to get into danger, earning her the nickname “Danger-prone Daphne.”

Despite not being as smart as Velma, Daphne has a unique problem-solving style. As time goes on, she becomes more confident and takes on a more active role in the gang.

Daphne has an attractive appearance, with an hourglass figure and shoulder-length orange hair. She also learns self-defense, proving that she is more than just a pretty face.

10. Chuckie

From: Rugrats

Chuckie Finster is a character from the popular Nickelodeon animated television series Rugrats. He is best friends with Tommy Pickles and the two often embark on adventures together.

Chuckie is known for being timid and fearful, often worrying about the dangers of the world around him. He is easily scared and anxious, but also has a sweet and sensitive nature.

Despite his fears, he is loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect them. As the series progresses, Chuckie learns to become braver and more confident, facing his fears and overcoming obstacles along with his friends.

9. Phineas

From: Phineas And Ferb

Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher are two inventive and imaginative stepbrothers who constantly seek to make their summer vacations more exciting and fun-filled.

Together, they embark on ambitious projects and create wacky inventions, much to the chagrin of their teenage sister, Candace, who is always trying to catch them in the act to get them in trouble with their parents.

Meanwhile, their pet platypus, Perry, is secretly a spy who battles the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz, a bumbling and comical villain who is always creating crazy inventions of his own. The show features catchy musical numbers and a humorous, lighthearted tone.

8. Chas Finster

From: Rugrats

Chas Finster is a kind and compassionate father who is always looking out for his son, Chuckie. He is portrayed as a somewhat neurotic character who is often anxious and overly cautious.

Chas is shown to be very protective of Chuckie and often goes to great lengths to ensure his safety. Despite his own anxieties, Chas is shown to be a responsible and dedicated parent, who is always there for his son when he needs him.

He is also a good friend to the other parents in the Rugrats’ circle, often offering them advice and support when they need it.

7. Kim Possible

From: Kim Possible

Kim Possible is a popular Disney animated series that follows the adventures of a high school student named Kim Possible, who balances her school work and social life with her duties as a secret agent.

Along with her best friend Ron Stoppable and his pet naked mole-rat Rufus, Kim battles against a variety of villains, including the evil Dr. Drakken and his henchwoman Shego.

Kim is known for her bravery, resourcefulness, and quick thinking, as well as her signature catchphrase “What’s the sitch?” The series has been praised for its strong female lead and positive messages about teamwork and friendship.

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6. Adagio Dazzle 

From: My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Adagio Dazzle is a character in the animated television show, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. She is the leader of the Dazzlings, a group of villainous sirens who use their magical singing to manipulate others and feed on negative emotions.

Adagio is cunning, manipulative, and power-hungry, with a commanding presence and a sultry voice. She is always seeking to increase her power and control over others, often using her charisma and allure to achieve her goals.

Despite her villainous nature, Adagio is a complex character with a tragic backstory, making her a memorable and compelling antagonist in the show.

5. Candace Flynn

From: Phineas And Ferb

Candace Flynn is the main character of Phineas and Ferb’s. She is the elder sister of the titular characters and is often seen trying to bust them for their wild and imaginative creations.

Candace is portrayed as a teenage girl who struggles to balance her desire for teenage fun with her sense of responsibility and the need to take care of her brothers.

She often feels frustrated when her mother fails to believe her reports of her brothers’ shenanigans, which leads to her developing a complex about not being taken seriously. Despite her tendencies to exaggerate, Candace has a kind heart and cares deeply for her family.

4. Blossom

From: The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom is a oranged haired, pink-clad protagonist of the iconic animated TV show, The Powerpuff Girls. As the leader of the superhero trio, she is known for her intelligence, strategic thinking, and level-headedness.

Blossom is portrayed as a positive representation of girl power, breaking down gender stereotypes and showcasing the importance of strong female characters in children’s media.

Her character is an important figure in the show, providing guidance and support for her sisters and showing young viewers that intelligence and leadership skills are valuable qualities for girls to have.

Blossom’s inclusion in the show promotes diversity and representation, inspiring young viewers to believe in themselves and their abilities.

3. Bloom

From: The Winx Club

Bloom is a central character in the Winx Club franchise and is known for her leadership, determination, and magical abilities.

As the Guardian Fairy of Domino and keeper of the Dragon Fire, Bloom plays a crucial role in protecting the magical universe from evil forces. Her appearance, with long orange-red hair, pale skin, and large cyan eyes, is also iconic within the franchise.

Through her adventures, Bloom learns the importance of friendship, teamwork, and believing in oneself. Her character is a positive role model for young viewers, promoting confidence, empathy, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

2. Beaker 

From: The Muppet Show

Beaker is a beloved Muppet character known for his signature “Meep” catchphrase and high-pitched, unintelligible voice.

He serves as the assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, and often finds himself the unwilling test subject for his wacky scientific experiments.

Beaker is a lovable and endearing character, despite his frequent mishaps and bumbling nature. He has become an iconic figure in pop culture, known for his distinctive appearance with orange hair and a perpetually surprised expression. Beaker’s inclusion in The Muppet Show has made him a favorite among fans of all ages.

1. Dexter

From: Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter, the titular character of Dexter’s Laboratory, is a child prodigy with a hidden laboratory in his bedroom. He is the intelligent and creative member of his family, often inventing gadgets and conducting experiments.

Despite his young age, he has already made numerous groundbreaking discoveries, and his incredible intellect has led him to be recognized as one of the world’s most brilliant inventors.

However, his sister Dee Dee is a constant source of chaos and destruction, often causing trouble and inadvertently ruining his hard work.

The show primarily follows Dexter’s daily life as he navigates the challenges of having a pesky sibling while trying to further his scientific pursuits.