Representation is a critical aspect of any form of media, including cartoons. For many years, black male cartoon characters were few and far between, but times have changed.

Today, there are many fantastic examples of black male characters in animated series, each with their own unique personalities and abilities.

These characters have broken barriers and shattered stereotypes, paving the way for greater diversity and inclusivity in the world of cartoons.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at 33 black male cartoon characters from a range of different shows, highlighting their strengths, flaws, and the impact they have had on the world of animation.

33. Token Black 

From: South Park Archives

Token Black is the only black child in Craig’s gang and represents racial diversity in the show. His name reflects the idea of being a “token black guy” and the need for inclusivity in casting decisions.

A token is portrayed as intelligent, level-headed, and unafraid to stand up for himself in a society dominated by white individuals.

As one of only a few minorities in the show, Token’s character is essential in promoting diversity and challenging racial stereotypes. Overall, Token Black is a significant representation of racial inclusion in mainstream media.

32. Cleveland Brown Jr. 

From: The Cleveland Show

The character in question went from a hyper child to an obese teenager with low self-esteem and difficulty making friends.

Despite his kind nature and academic talent, he was often used by others and never had true friends, except for Ernie. He enjoys playing the tuba and doing chores, but can also rap with ease and stand up for others when needed.

Although he doesn’t believe in God due to his mother’s influence, he doesn’t identify as an atheist and has some religious beliefs.

This complex and multi-dimensional character challenges stereotypes and adds depth to the franchise’s narrative.

31. Mushmouth 

From: Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids

James “Mushmouth” Mush is a member of the Junkyard Gang who is known for his homemade-stiff style guitar playing.

He is friendly and easy-going, making him a sociable member of the gang. Despite his speech impediment, which causes him to add “buh” at the end of most words, he is responsible when needed and always willing to lend a hand with gang projects.

However, he tends to keep to himself and is rather reserved, which is contradictory to his outgoing personality. Despite this, Mush is an important and well-liked member of the gang, bringing a unique personality and musical talent to their endeavors.

30. Uncle Ruckus 

From: The Boondocks

Uncle Ruckus is the main antagonist of the show and is known for his repellent behavior, attitude, and appearance. He has an intense hatred of anything related to black people and is fiercely loyal to white people and culture.

Ruckus preaches that black people must hate their blackness and love the white race to receive the ticket to heaven, which he calls the “white heaven.”

His character represents a classic example of how people of color can internalize racist beliefs, valuing whiteness over their own ethnicity.

He is portrayed as an unadaptable old mindset person who believes in nothing other than his own beliefs, making him an infuriating and complex character to watch.

29. Weird Harold 

From: Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids

Old Weird Harold Simmons is a member of the Junkyard Gang and plays the harp made from bedsprings. He is clumsy and often portrayed as one of the less intelligent members of the gang.

Despite this, he is straightforward and direct, always getting right to the point. He is also considered the tallest member of the band and serves as a translator for Mushmouth.

While initially a background character, Weird Harold eventually became one of the show’s main characters as the series progressed.

His unique personality and quirky talents add depth to the Junkyard Gang and make him an essential part of the show’s narrative.

28. Carl Carlson Jr. 

From: The Simpsons

Carlton Carl Carlson Jr. is a character from The Simpsons and is an operations supervisor at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

He is known for his self-restraint and organizational skills, as well as his master’s degree in nuclear physics. Despite his high IQ of 214, he tends to be reserved and only communicates when necessary.

He is straightforward and precise in his speech, often not worrying about the effect it has on others. He has explained that this is one reason he doesn’t talk much.

Overall, his character is portrayed as intelligent, reserved, and efficient in his work.

27. Sticky Webb 

From: The Proud Family

Sticky Webb is the tech-savvy best friend of Penny Proud in the show. He is intelligent, skilled in solving technology-related problems, and a loyal supporter of the protagonist.

Despite being stalked and harassed by Dijonay Jones, he shows little interest in her. He only reveals his emotional side when his parents decide on getting a divorce.

Sticky’s character is similar to Cornelius Fillmore in Fillmore, as both are intelligent and reliable sidekicks to the protagonists.

Furthermore, both characters are voiced by Orlando Brown, who is recognized for his excellent portrayal of young male characters in animated shows.

26. Little Bill 

From: Little Bill

Little Bill is a bright and imaginative 5-year-old who is known for being kind and friendly to everyone. He learns important life lessons from the various experiences he has with his friends and family.

Despite his young age, he tries to be fair and do what’s right in every situation. However, he also faces challenges that test his character and his ability to navigate complex social situations.

Throughout it all, he finds comfort in the love and support of his family and close friends, who help him feel confident and secure in himself.

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25. Dr. Facilier 

From: The Princess And The Frog

Dr. Facilier, the Shadow Man, is the villain in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. He is a cunning and opportunistic Witch Doctor who uses voodoo magic and fortune-telling to manipulate people.

He is an ally of Dark Loa, with whom he can use black magic to achieve his goals. However, he must always repay his “friends” or risk losing his soul.

Despite his charming facade, Facilier is a greedy and scheming man who desires to take over New Orleans. He is the first black Disney villain and has been compared to the love child of Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil.

24. Darren Patterson 

From: As Told By Ginger

Darren Patterson is the best friend of Ginger Foutley in the animated series As Told by Ginger. He is portrayed as a kind and considerate guy, different from his father and brother.

Although he dated Ginger for a short time, they decided to break up and Darren had two other girlfriends. In the epilogue, it is revealed that they got married and have a daughter together.

Darren’s character revolves around his friendship with Ginger, and they have been through many ups and downs together over the years.

23. Action Hank 

From: Dexter’s Laboratory

Action Hank is a tough and heroic character who prioritizes the safety of others. He enjoys danger and loves battles where he is challenged.

Despite his tough exterior, he has a friendly and warm personality, which attracts the ladies. He is well-liked by his fans and runs his fan club to show his appreciation for their support.

Hank has a no-nonsense attitude and always gets the job done. His amazing beard adds to his charm, making him an iconic figure in the world of action heroes.

22. Fillmore 

From: Fillmore

Cornelius Fillmore is the protagonist of the animated series “Fillmore!” He is a seventh-grade student and a safety patrol officer.

Fillmore is a well-meaning guy who tends to break school property to solve the cases he encounters, believing that the “end justifies the means.”

He has an array of skills such as Chinese Finger trap mastery, Mini-golf, and Kung fu that help him solve the uncanny encounters he faces in school while serving as the patrol officer.

He is also known to have a large appetite and is a reigning champion in his middle school.

21. Vince LaSalle 

From: Recess

Vincent Pierre “Vince” LaSalle is a member of the Recess gang and is known for his superior athletic abilities.

Although sometimes seen as arrogant, he values the importance of friendship and is competitive in nature, often competing with Lawson and his gang.

Along with Spinelli, he is considered T.J.’s right-hand man and the only two with black hair in the Recess gang. He has appeared in every episode of the show and even made an appearance in the Lilo & Stitch crossover.

20. Gerald Johanssen 

From: Hey Arnold!

Gerald Martin Johanssen is the cool and loyal best friend of Arnold in the Hey Arnold! series. He is confident and considers himself to be cool, but can also get jealous when others try to steal his spotlight.

This could be attributed to his upbringing as the middle child, often overshadowed by his older and younger siblings. As the class president, he often serves as the voice of reason among his friends.

However, he has a weaker sense of morality and can be spiteful toward others, which sometimes causes him to doubt his ability to help others.

Despite this, he is still caring and loyal to his friends, including his girlfriend Phoebe. Gerald’s unique hairstyle is similar to that of Marge Simpson’s from The Simpsons.

19. Super Stretch

From: Tarzan and the Super 7 

As Super Stretch, I possessed a unique ability to transform my body into any shape I desired, making me a formidable superhero capable of handling any situation.

Whether I needed to stretch my arms to incredible lengths or contort my body to fit through tight spaces, my shape-shifting abilities allowed me to adapt to any challenge.

As a member of the Tarzan and the Super 7 team, I worked alongside other superheroes to protect the world from danger and ensure justice was served.

My flexibility and adaptability made me an invaluable member of the team and helped me to save the day time and time again.

18. AJ 

From: Fairly Odd Parents

A.J. is a smart and wealthy kid but lacks social skills and popularity. He is Timmy’s friend and one of his two best friends.

Despite his genius mind, he often has trouble connecting with people and can come off as arrogant, causing friction with his less intelligent friends.

A.J.’s intelligence is showcased in his ability to pass Mr. Crocker’s class and win the school science fair. He is considered a genius by his friends, but also a bit of a know-it-all.

Despite having the potential to advance to an Ivy League university at the age of ten, A.J. chooses to stay in the same grade as Timmy.

17. Fat Albert 

From: Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids

Fat Albert is the leader and beloved character of the Junkyard Gang. He is known for his wisdom, integrity, and civic-mindedness.

Always ready to help people in need, he is respected by both his friends and the adults in his life. As the lead singer of the Junkyard Band, he plays unique instruments like the bagpipe accordion and bedspring harp.

The character was inspired by Bill Cosby’s childhood friend, Albert Robertson. Fat Albert remains a popular and timeless character who has inspired generations of kids to be kind, empathetic, and always willing to lend a hand.

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16. Oscar Proud 

From: The Proud Family

Oscar Jackson Proud is a loving father and husband but is often considered a loser by others. He owns Proud Snacks, which no one likes except Peabo.

Oscar has a weakness for beautiful women and finds himself in situations where he could cheat on his wife, but always gets caught.

Despite having a rivalry with Wizard Kelly, he still visits his stores and restaurants for fun. Oscar is a troublemaker and comedian, causing and getting into trouble, and his snack business is often the source of complaints.

While Penny is said to take after him, he is also overprotective of his children.

15. Rallo Tubbs-Brown 

From: The Family Guy

Montclair Rallo Tubbs, commonly known as Rallo, is the main character in The Cleveland Show and is the son of Donna and Robert. Despite his young age of 5, Rallo exhibits behavior and mannerisms similar to those of his father Robert, whom he had a distant relationship with.

Initially, Rallo was resistant to accepting the Browns as his new family, but eventually, he warmed up to them. He has a penchant for doing whatever he wants and can come across as an articulate thug at times, but his insults are often without malice.

Rallo has a love for his pets and a surprisingly good grasp of adult situations, which is rare for someone his age. He enjoys kickball and super sugar crisps.

14. Wade Load

From: Kim Possible

Wade is a crucial character in the Kim Possible franchise, serving as her tech-savvy ally and supplier of cool gadgets.

He is a highly intelligent and inquisitive individual, with a deep passion for technology and science. His confident demeanor and unwavering curiosity help him to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new and innovative tools for Kim to use in her missions.

Wade’s technical expertise and resourcefulness make him an invaluable asset to the team, and his unwavering loyalty and dedication to Kim’s cause ensure that he always has her back.

His character adds a level of excitement and intrigue to the series, making him a fan-favorite amongst viewers.

13. Harold McBride 

From: Loud House

Harold and Howard are a pioneering couple on Nickelodeon as the first interracial married gay couple on the network.

Harold is a devoted and loving father to their son Clyde and often serves as Howard’s voice of reason in difficult situations.

He brings a level of stability and maturity to the family dynamic and is highly respected by both Howard and Clyde. Harold’s presence in their lives helps to create a supportive and nurturing environment where they can all thrive as a family.

His commitment to his husband and son, as well as his positive impact on the representation of diverse families on television, make him a valuable and beloved character.

12. Herald 

From: Teen Titans 

Herald is a laid-back and easy-going character in the Teen Titans series, with a deep love and appreciation for music. He is an Honorary Titan, joining the team on a few occasions to help out with their missions.

At one point, he briefly assumes the role of Guardian, using his powers to protect the city from harm. However, he eventually decides to retire from superhero life to focus on building a family.

Despite his laid-back nature, Herald is a valuable member of the team, bringing a level of musical talent and creativity that sets him apart from the others.

His decision to retire and start a family adds depth and complexity to his character, making him relatable to viewers of all ages.

11. John Stewart

 From: Young Justice 

After being discharged from the Green Lantern Corps, Jon Stewart went on to become a member himself, despite not having any inherent superhuman abilities.

Jon is known for his unwavering courage and determination, which allows him to fearlessly take on any challenge. His strength of will and character are key attributes that make him an asset to the Green Lantern Corps, where he has proved himself time and time again as a capable and reliable member.

Jon’s lack of inherent powers is offset by his exceptional tactical and strategic abilities, as well as his vast knowledge of weaponry and combat. He continues to be a formidable force in the DC Comics universe.

10. Cole Tillerman 

From: Central Park 

Cole, the son of Paige and Owen, is a kind and empathetic child with a strong sense of compassion for animals. He displays a genuine love and interest in animals and goes out of his way to help them whenever he can.

Whether it’s rescuing a stranded bird or caring for a sick cat, Cole’s gentle nature and willingness to help make him a friend to all creatures.

He is emotionally aware and not afraid to express his feelings, showing empathy and kindness towards his peers as well. Cole’s sweet disposition and caring attitude make him a joy to be around and a positive influence on those around him.

9. Riley Freeman 

From: The Boondocks 

Riley and Huey are two siblings with vastly different personalities. Huey is portrayed as intelligent and analytical, often questioning society and its systems.

On the other hand, Riley is depicted as impulsive and fascinated with the gangsta culture. He tends to act without thinking and glorifies violence and criminal behavior.

Their opposing attitudes often lead to clashes and conflicts between them. While Huey strives for justice and equality, Riley’s focus is on material possessions and power.

Despite their differences, the brothers share a bond and often have each other’s backs in challenging situations.

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8. Dr. Hibbert 

From: The Simpsons

Dr. Julius Michael Hibbert, or Dr. Hibbert, is a beloved doctor in Springfield, known for his jovial personality and deep laughter.

Despite his medical expertise, he sometimes shows ambiguity in his practices, often considering the financial status of his patients. He is recognized by his patients and other residents of Springfield as one of the most competent and experienced doctors in town.

He has a large family consisting of his wife and five children, three sons, and two daughters. His unique voice and signature laughter have made him a memorable character on The Simpsons, adding to the show’s humor and charm.

7. Franklin 

From: Peanuts

Franklin Armstrong is a positive and friendly character in the Peanuts TV show, serving as a good friend to Charlie. Despite being a relatively quiet character, he is confident and stands up for himself when necessary.

He is also notable for never saying anything rude to Charlie, making him a trustworthy and reliable friend.
Franklin is portrayed as a smart student who achieves good grades in school, and he has a particular interest in hockey, playing the center field.

He shares a close bond with Charlie, often quoting their grandfathers to each other in everyday situations. Beyond the TV show, Franklin has also appeared in Snoopy’s Street Fair video game.

6. Zack Underwood 

From: Milo Murphy’s Law

Zack Underwood is the main character in the animated TV show “Milo Murphy’s Law”. He is portrayed as a level-headed best friend of Milo and often acts as the voice of reason in their wild adventures.

Despite his desire for safety, he enjoys the excitement of Milo’s unpredictable life and is always up for a challenge. He has a crush on Melissa Chase, another friend of Milo’s, and is often shy around her.

Zack is also a former member of The Lumberjacks, a band he was part of, but he’s self-conscious about it. Interestingly, he has a phobia of fish, which often leads to comedic situations in the show.

5. Craig Williams 

From: Craig Of The Creek

Craig Williams is the ten-year-old protagonist of Craig of the Creek. He lives with his family and has two best friends. He is known for his excellent math skills and has a very imaginative mind.

He remains grounded so that reality does not hurt anyone around him. Although he can be seen as narrow-minded and impatient at times, he stays persistent until he achieves his goal.

After completing his goal, he tends to apologize or make up for his behavior. He is also crafty and can act bossy on occasion. Interestingly, his Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw, which is known for its members’ intelligence and wit.

4. Sokka 

From: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka is a Water Tribe warrior from the Southern Water Tribe and one of the main characters in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Initially, he had a negative attitude towards Aang and disagreed with his leadership skills but later learned to respect him during their travels together.

Sokka’s character is portrayed as skeptical, immature, and abrasive towards others, often making sarcastic comments referred to as “Sok-casm.”

Despite his flaws, he is a loyal friend who puts himself in danger to protect his friends. His sister, Katara, often disciplines him despite being younger.

As the series progresses, Sokka develops as a character, becoming more strategic and gaining respect as a warrior.

3. Agent J 

From: Men In Black

Agent J, also known as Jay, is a main character in the animated series Men in Black. He was originally an NYPD officer before joining the MIB and following in his father’s footsteps.

Agent J is the comedic balance to Agent K’s serious demeanor, providing a lighthearted contrast to their partnership.

While originally depicted as a blond-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian in the comics, his character was adapted to Will Smith’s ethnicity in the live-action film and later carried over to the animated series.

Jay’s quick wit, street smarts, and willingness to take risks make him a valuable asset to the MIB team.

2. Cyborg 

From: Teen Titans Go!

Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg, is a laid-back member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists of the show.

He is half-teen, and half-robot and often prioritizes playing video games and eating pizza over fighting crime. This attitude sometimes irritates Robin, but Cyborg’s technological intellect is invaluable to the team.

He serves as the clutch in moments of danger and is looked up to as an older brother by the other four.

Despite his carefree nature, Cyborg provides all kinds of support to the team and is the primary source of fun, always starting parties and living his best life with his team members.

1. Frozone 

From: The Incredibles

Lucius Best, also known as Frozone, is a major character in the Incredible franchise and a close friend of Mr. Incredible.

He has the ability to manipulate moisture and create ice, which he uses to put villains on ice without breaking a sweat.

Despite being rejected from representing the United States in the Winter Olympics due to his super abilities, he continues to use his powers for good, often aiding the Incredible family in times of danger.

He is also a beloved uncle figure to Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. With his cool demeanor and witty humor, Frozone is a fan favorite and his ice powers are often compared to Elsa from Frozen.